News: This Bugatti Concept Is Designed For The Kitchen, Not The Driveway

This Bugatti Concept Is Designed For The Kitchen, Not The Driveway

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June 17, 2020

There’s an exciting new Bugatti concept that’s been revealed, only you might not have heard of it in the automotive landscape. You’d be forgiven though, as it’s not some super-exclusive, multi-million-dollar hypercar, but it will get you revving every morning.

The Bugatti Etiron coffee machine isn’t an official collaboration with the French brand, but rather a school project by industrial design student Fábio Martins at Faculdade de Arquitetura da Universidade de Lisboa in Portugal. According to Martins, the project “involved the selection of a common household item and a brand that is detached from that market.” And we can confirm that Bugatti is not the common household item.

The project is based around a Nespresso C11 Essenza espresso maker, then designed the case with Bugatti flair. The front, for example, is the shape of the carmaker’s famous horseshoe grille, complete with the interior grille pattern. The knurled coffee spout replicates the Bugatti’s interior switches. The side profile, meanwhile, is reminiscent of the curve of the car’s rear, including the ‘C’ cutout behind the doors.

Martins also used Bugatti color schemes in a coffee maker that can be appreciated by more than just auto enthusiasts. There are no plans for production but, judging by the aesthetic appeal and the clever Bugatti touches, it’s safe to say Senhor Martins has a bright future in industrial design. There is no word, however, as to how fast it will brew a cup.

*Images courtesy of Fábio Martins

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