Featured: This Is The ArtCenter Car Classic From Every Angle

This Is The ArtCenter Car Classic From Every Angle

By Ted Gushue
October 24, 2016

Nine out of 10 automakers agree: the ArtCenter College of Design is one of the leading schools in the world when it comes to automotive design. Little wonder why it’s a feeder school for some of the best design teams around the world.

Every year, the school puts together an event that we’re proud to be a part of, the ArtCenter Car Classic, featuring 50 or so of the most intriguing, eclectic—and this year—“Hand Built” cars around. Its Pasadena campus is itself a masterpiece of design and form, penned by renowned modernist architect Craig Ellwood in the mid 1970s, it sits at one of the highest points in Pasadena. The common space lawn juts out in front of the minimalist structure, and at around 5am on October 22nd every year, some of the most exceptional cars from the west coast and beyond descend down the narrow pathway to the lawn.

Our friend and Petrolicious film star Peter Giaccobi was there displaying his stunning handbuilt Ferrari 250 Testarossa tribute just a few feet away from Petrolicious pal Brandon Adrian’s Sebring-winning Giulietta, and just a few more feet away from Bruce Canepa’s Porsche 959. Also on display was Workshop5001’s incredibly stealth longnose 911 build.

We love the ArtCenter Car Classic because it is one of the last few events where design students, car designers, collection owners, and general fans can rub up against each other over a strong cup of coffee, in arguably one of the most beautiful settings in California.

A massive thank you to everyone who stopped by our tent to talk shop, actually shop, and scream around our Carrera Slot Car Race Track. It was a supremely lovely day.

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Myron Vernis
Myron Vernis
7 years ago

First time exhibitor at this event and loved it. Cool cars, cooler people and a wonderfully relaxed vibe. I hope to be invited back.

2024 years ago

Great photos! Thanks for posting!

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