Journal: This Short Lamborghini Diablo Documentary Is Fascinating

This Short Lamborghini Diablo Documentary Is Fascinating

By Michael Banovsky
November 2, 2015

I’m not sure if this documentary was intended to be sent to interested customers, put onto TV, or run on a TV at Lamborghini dealerships, but yet again, YouTube has helped unearth a gem.

Featuring an in-depth look at the Diablo, from rarely-seen factory footage to an interview with the laid-back, cigar smoking former Chrysler President Lee Iacocca, it’s about all you’ll need to fall in love with the supercar again. After a few minutes it’s hard not to chuckle at the narrator, who notes the company’s record of quality on more than a few occasions. As the uploader notes:

“This is an unfinished and previously unreleased documentary on the Lamborghini Diablo. It reveals insights into the Diablo car itself, the history of Lamborghini, and the relationship between the Chrysler corporation and Lamborghini at the time. As I have stated, the video is unfinished so please keep comments about any inaccuracies to yourself and enjoy the video.”

As the narrator says of the car: “Once again, the Italians have created a masterpiece. This time, signed ‘Lamborghini’.”

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1 year ago

nice car car


[…] was a collaborative effort,” Iacocca stated in an apparently unofficial Diablo documentary that Petrolicious discovered. “…the interior was done by the U.S. studios and [Marcello] Gandini [at […]

Damian Nunimaker
Damian Nunimaker
7 years ago

I sold a Diablo VT in 2011, fresh out of the economic slump. Was forced to give the car away unfortunately, but also obtained it on a deal. I enjoyed my time with it overall though. There are certainly better cars, but the presence of a Diablo is hard to match. Here she was….

Celio Garcera
Celio Garcera
7 years ago

Gotta by them before prices are going crazy high!! That’s my next car purchase, a [url=””]Lamborghini Diablo[/url] VT. Althouh Murcielagos are cheaper…and far better!