Gear: Turn Your Keys Into a Swiss Army Knife

Turn Your Keys Into a Swiss Army Knife

By Petrolicious Productions
July 31, 2014

Anyone who has a car, house, and an office usually has upwards of a dozen keys floating around, bulging in their pockets, or scattered across multiple key rings. These keys jingle, their sharp edges scratch surfaces with which they come into contact, poke holes in your pockets and, let’s face it, they’re just generally an unsightly hassle.

Enter the KeySmart +EXT, a key holder that keeps up to five keys folded neatly into a aluminum 6061 case smaller than a pack of gum. The holder hides keys’ jagged teeth, the posts that hold the two sides together and serve as a pivot are made of stainless steel, a rubber insert provides a smooth glide and firm locking positions, and best of all, the KeySmart +EXT accommodates just about any key you can find at your local hardware store. It’s like a Swiss Army knife for your keys! On top of that, they’re made in Chicago (Illinois, not Switzerland).

What’s better than attractive and functional? Check out the KeySmart +EXT here

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Tosh Brice
Tosh Brice
9 years ago

try this instead: [url=””][/url]

Tosh Brice
Tosh Brice
9 years ago

The link does not work

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