Journal: Get Up Close and Personal with the Cars at Pebble Beach

Get Up Close and Personal with the Cars at Pebble Beach

By Petrolicious Productions
August 21, 2013

From badges and steering wheels to seats, numbers, and emblems, when it comes down to a concours such as Pebble Beach, the beauty is all in the details. Not only are the judges scoping out the cars from bumper to bumper and everything in between, but the public is also aware of and looking for the small (and often intricate) details that help to make these cars beautiful wholes.

Below are just a few of the details we captured while visiting Pebble Beach this past weekend.

Photography by Otis Blank and Andrew Schneider

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Jeff Lannigan
Jeff Lannigan

I took a lot of similar photos – I love the details, and in many cases the unique engineering solutions they represent.

The engine on the upper right was in the lone Voisin in the show – I love these designs and this car’s preserved condition.

Wolfgang Romero
Wolfgang Romero

That is awesome.

You should make it into a poster and sell it!!



Wow, those are beautiful. Wish you could have uploaded more.