Travel: Vacationing The Vintage Way

Vacationing The Vintage Way

Petrolicious Productions By Petrolicious Productions
July 2, 2015

In much of the U.S., today is a holiday in advance of the 4th of July, and we’ll be hitting the open road in search of, well, something fun to do this weekend. Being the old advertisement junkies that we are, a quick browse through our archives shows that the world of travel seemed much more simple back in the day.

Not only were prices hilariously low by modern standards—yes, we’re well aware that wages were lower as well—but the sense of optimism that a vacation would be a momentous occasion for a family is clear.

But vacations are momentous, aren’t they? Putting a family’s life on hold to gallivant around the country or, in many cases, abroad, has always been an expensive endeavor. There’s a sense that, well, “…we better have fun!” If these ads are any indication, participating in any of these activities would certainly have been a fun time for all involved.

Are your vacations vintage-inspired in some way? And where will you (or wish) you’ll be traveling to this weekend?

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Hellena Miron
Hellena Miron

We’ll be staying home – too many people on the road, too many people out and about. But finding somewhere nice to eat, and maybe taking a long(-ish) drive to get there could be something to do!

Guitar Slinger
Guitar Slinger
Family vacations used to be momentous . Now with all the junk everyone thinks they need to drag along its become a complete 2nd career between the planning , packing etc . Some families going so far as to hire vacation planners ! I was just talking to another Beetle Bus fan [ and a fantastic automotive artist I’ll try and send your way ] about how little it used to take back in the day to get the family on the road . Cloths .. a few books .. food .. water … pack it all in the spaces… Read more »