Journal: Videos That Make Us Want A Vintage Holiday

Videos That Make Us Want A Vintage Holiday

By Petrolicious Productions
July 2, 2015

It’s a long weekend for many of us here in the U.S., and that means hitting the open road and visiting friends, family—or somewhere entirely new. For this weekend’s playlist, we’ve selected a few films that should inspire wanderlust, from a simple scooter-based camping rig to a look at Havana, Cuba in archival footage. 

One of the most amazing inventions, or the most simple way to have a family holiday: scooter, sidecar, camper, and boat—all in one tiny rig. Baby looks happy, does it not?

Sometimes, vacations just don’t end—this Datsun Roadster owner covered an incredible 37,000 miles on a road trip. Yes, we’re envious.

On the left, what did a motorhome look like in the ’50s? And who bought them? In this case, a well-to-do family that enjoyed a few hours in the country…complete with comforts from home. On the right, a look at a camping show from 1962. The announcer didn’t seem too pleased with the dog tent—we can only imagine what he’d say these days to all of the specialized camping gear on the market.

The ultimate family holiday until, well, things went south in terms of the diplomatic relationship between the U.S. and Cuba? Havana, and this vintage film shows how the exotic country used to be sold to American tourists.

On the left, don’t classic “water scooters” look like a fun day out? On the right, “…not one, but two transom clamps!” proclaims one of two vintage Mercury outboard motor advertisements.

On the left, a German promotional film for Lufthansa is in German, but still very watchable. Yes, we guess babies were put into baskets for take-off…and smoking was allowed. On the right, the beautiful Douglas DC-8 airplane is the focus of this short promotional film—and makes us long for the days when passengers weren’t treated more like sardines.

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