Journal: Cool and Classic "Esquire" Covers on Travel and Cars

Cool and Classic “Esquire” Covers on Travel and Cars

By Petrolicious Productions
April 17, 2014

Perhaps it’s an American phenomenon, being a country founded, developed, and populated by immigrants and their descendants or maybe it’s just a human condition, but nearly everybody experiences wanderlust and the desire to discover new vistas. Spanning over twenty years, Esquire’s covers have always considered their subjects playfully as befits one of Playboy’s more tasteful rivals. Obviously, however, we’re partial to the ones that relate to travel and the machines that make it easier for us to do so. These covers feature photography, collage, graphic art, and all have an element of humor to them. Enjoy! 

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Singh Shreya
Singh Shreya
2 years ago

Happy to share this game platform with all of you. This is my favorite and always like to spend my quality time here. Thank you to accept this post comment.

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