Journal: How Friendly Is Your City Toward Vintage Cars?

How Friendly Is Your City Toward Vintage Cars?

By Petrolicious Productions
April 16, 2013

While some towns are almost paradise for vintage car enthusiasts, others are downright hostile place  for our beloved cars. Use our highly scientific Petrolicious questionnaire to grade your city in its vintage-car friendliness.

On a scale of 0 to 10 (10 being best), grade each of the following attributes of your city, and then sum up the ten scores to come up with a total score out of a possible 100. Leave a comment to let us know how your city ranks.

We did the questionnaire and came up with our score for Los Angeles, California. If you live in the LA area, do you agree with our results below? Do you disagree?

Now we’d love to hear from you. How friendly is your city toward vintage cars? Let us know in the comments below. 

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11 years ago

Ciao, Bergamo Northern Italy

just in the middle between Monza autodrome and Brescia (Mille miglia start city)!
plenty of beautiful roads both if you want to go to the mountains Alps as well as the lakes (Como , Iseo or Garda). score 9
maintainence poor, we are not in the best shape of our history !! score 5
Traffic, is a big problem, skip the cities during working days and holidays places during week ends, which means that if you want to enjoy your car you should go for one day off from the office !!! not easy for me, score. 5
Culture is ok , living at no more than three ours driving from Maranello and so close to Monza, Brescia, cars are part of our culture, despite that youngest generations don’t care very much about cars, score 9
Whether score 8, Gas on average good score 8, Maintenaince. is not a problem so far but for my old Alfa GT good mechanics are time to time getting older and closing their activities, I count on my cousin!!!!! score 8
Taxes score 6 ( especially for huge engines) Legislation moderate only some period of the year there are circulation limits for older cars score 8, Parking score 2 !!!!
so in total 68

Brian Driggs
11 years ago

Phoenix Metro (Maricopa County, includes Scottsdale, Mesa, Tempe, et al.) = 69

1. 4 – We’re on a fairly straight grid layout, but there are still a few winders w/ elevation changes. Excellent runs within an hour of town.
2. 6 – Plenty of crap pavement, but most of the freeway in-town is rubberized, making for easy windows-down chat at 75mph.
3. 5 – Rush hour is nothing like SoCal, but unrestricted HOV lane changes mean constantly getting cut-off by mouth-breather.
4. 8 – Longest running weekly car show in the country. Pavilions in Scottsdale. It’s like Cars n Coffee every Saturday night. We’ve also got Barrett-Jackson and such every winter, during the not-hot season.
5. 9 – We get a good 360 days of sunshine per year. When it rains, it’s maybe an hour. Rain does make the oil-baked roads a bit slick, but still. Convertibles make great winter vehicles.
6. 6 – Cheaper than California, but 91 octane is the best you can get without stepping up to E85 or race fuel.
7. 8 – Large collector base means plenty of restoration shops. Also lots of off-road suppliers and fabricators.
8. 7 – Sales tax varies by municipality, but old cars are less expensive to register and insure.
9. 7 – We do have emissions testing, though classic cars (insured as such) can get through loopholes as far as I know.
10. 9 – We are the definition of sprawl. We drive everywhere. Everywhere has plenty of parking. (The best spots have shade.)

Tyler B
Tyler B
11 years ago

Seattle, WA
– fun road = 3, the city is terrible. Any decent looking road is a residential zone. The outlying areas have some decent ones but you have to drive a decent amount to get there.
– quality = 5, some good but most below average. I-5 is cobblestone
– traffic = 4, it’s bad and the water only allows for certain routes when you need to go to certain areas
– culture = 8, kind of a biased rating here. I’ve mostly been in the Subaru scene but I think there are good clubs in Porsche, BMW, Alfa, Honda (gasp!) and obviously Subaru’s are huge here.
– weather = 1, Can we go below zero? It’s a -3 for nine months a year and a 10 for the rest.
– gas quality = 8, 92 is the standard premium in WA. I’m not really sure how that compares.
– car maintenance = 10, a lot of good shops for many different makes
– tax = 0, expensive and keeps increasing
– legislation = 8(?) kind of a guess here, I don’t really know. No car tab fees on older cars so that’s good.
– parking = 3, bad

50, it’s not good. However I would like to see someone from eastern WA rate it. They’re probably a 70+.

Andy Gondorf
Andy Gondorf
11 years ago

Inverness, Scotland verdict:
1: 10. Anywhere and everywhere except the A9. Don’t believe me? Come and try!
2: 7, although can be highly variable. Especially after frost damage in the last three years or so coupled with a council road budget of zero.
3: 9 What’s traffic? (the occasional exception from a blocked road which can result in a massive detour due to huge areas being free of anything but mountains. However, this can force an excursion to some fun new areas never seen before)
4: 7 People love unusual cars and bikes, coupled with semi regular meetings of both in the area.
5: 1 My nice stuff stays off the road from Oct to May-ish due to salty roads. Plus, we have a strictly regulated period of nice weather which crops up every decade or so 🙁
6: 5 99 Octane super unleaded is common if you need it, but bloody expensive at £1.40ish per litre in Napoleon units or over six quid a gallon in proper money! (about 9 dollars I think for the other side of the pond readers)
7: 5 Although my stuff is routine and I do most of it myself. Exotic owners would face a long drive I think
8: 8 I’m not complaining, road tax on fun cars is one of the best ways to burn your money.
9: 8 Not too applicable to my oldest, but tough on modern stuff.
10: 8 Why would you want to park in the Highlands when you can be driving in it instead??? However, a rest break spot is easy to find if needed, and town isn’t too bad if you know your way around

Total: 68. Not too impressive, but look at the allocation of marks to category 1 and smile.

Gary Rand
Gary Rand
11 years ago

LA = 81, you guys were way too tough on quality of roads “3” and fun roads only an “8”. Really?

Afshin Behnia
Afshin Behnia
11 years ago
Reply to  Gary Rand

Hi Gary,
I’m the one guilty of being harsh on grading LA and I stick by my scores 😉 . Seriously, the number of potholes, corroded roads, mini fault-lines, etc that dot all our roads is too much. Sunset Bvld from Beverly Hills to PCH is such a beautiful drive, but the right lanes in both directions are completely unusable due to the ever present corrosion and poor pavement, for example. LA can do much better.

Jim Stevenson
Jim Stevenson
11 years ago

Made the same mistake! Columbus, Ohio is an 82!

Jim Stevenson
Jim Stevenson
11 years ago

Columbus, Ohio

1. Fun to Drive Roads = 7 While there are a few, because of the rather boring terrain, the roads don’t feel like they “go anywhere”. With that said, Old State Route 315 is quite good although getting littered with large SUV’s, Alum Creek State Park has some views, you really have to get out of town by about 45 minutes to an hour to get some real entertainment driving. Big Pine Road in the Hocking Hills Region of southeast Ohio is absolutely brilliant!
2. Quality of Roads = 8 I have to say despite our crappy winters they do keep up with the roads pretty well.
3. Traffic Problems = 7 This is a recent downer due to a thriving local economy, which is a good thing in most regards, but it also means more development and more traffic on an under-built infrastructure.
4. Culture = 8 Central Ohio loves hot rods, cruise-ins and has a lot of pretty eclectic stuff. The Good Guys have an annual large-scale event here just for that reason. Plus we have several professional racing teams that call central Ohio home – IndyCar teams, Grand Am teams, American LeMans team, NHRA teams…that helps!
5. Driving Weather = 8 Yes, Ohio weather is unpredictable and often wet, but far less snow than the northeast and not as hot as the south.
6. Gas quality = 9 There is not heavy cutting of the fuel taking place.
7. Car Maintenance = 9 Columbus has some seriously good mechanics – also due to the racing influence. One of the best detailers in the world, Todd Cooperider and his shop Esoteric Auto Detailing is here in addition to multiple specialty shops.
8. Taxes and Fees = 9 6.76\% sales tax on the actual transaction price, low registration fees. Very “conservative/small government” mentality at the statehouse.
9. Legislation = 9 See number 8.
10. Parking = 9 This is not a problem here at all. Even the downtown city center is easy to park. Lots of free parking, too.

Paul Thompson
Paul Thompson
11 years ago

North London (can’t remember the last time I drove across the river!) = 68

Driving Roads: 5 You’ll never get above 30, unless you get up very early on a Sunday but driving slowly through town in a comfy old car is a great way to see the sights.
Road Quality: 5 there are some well maintained roads in the centre of town, but they are mostly strune with spring breaking speed bumps and potholes everywhere else.
Traffic: 6 Horrific during the week even with congestion charging. I never drive in town during weekdays (use public transport) but driving is easy in the evening and weekends.
Culture: 8 Could be better, there were no big annual car shows or top flight Concourse events for years but there are a few new events that are making their presence felt (Chelsea Autolegends, top flight RM Auction, and new Concourse d’Elegance this year). There are loads of smaller events within an hours drive.
Driving weather: 7 It’s OK I drive old cars all year, there is salt on the roads for three or four months of the year.
Gas Quality: 8 It’s expensive but easy to get 99 Octane fuel, unleaded only and ethanol is mostly 5\%.
Car Maintenance: 8 Loads of specialists, they are slowly moving out of the centre of town but still within easy reach.
Taxes and Fees: 8 No tax for pre ’73 cars, No MOT for pre ’60 cars
Legislation: 7 Congestion charging during the weekdays in central London (£10/day)
Parking: 6 Parking is expensive but not too difficult. Parking at weekends on the street is easy and free (most of the time and in all but the centre of town).

BTW Vintage Cars in the UK are usually classified as pre-1931.

Brooks Wade
Brooks Wade
11 years ago

Destin/Santa Rosa Beach Fl

Fun to drive roads: 1 – flat narrow strip of land bordered by water on all sides…
Quality of roads: 6 – main roads are all smooth as a baby’s bottom, some of the back roads are more like a 15year olds face.
Traffic: 5 – tourists suck and there is literally 2 east west rds on a strip of land that is less than 5 miles wide
Culture: 8 – lots of rich people = lots of nice cars and car guys, would be 10 but most are porsche guys
Weather: 9 – it’s never that cold, never had snow. Rains quite a lot at certain times of year but doesn’t prevent driving of cars with a top.
Gas: 10 – lots of stations keep price ‘down’, mostly big chain stores, no race fuel but all have quality 93
Shops: 6 – decent number of shops, no bad experiences as of yet. No cheap repairs here though (could be my choice of cars, E28 M5 & Audi RS6)
Taxes/fees: 10 – none of that ‘green’ BS. No state inspection. Reasonable sales tax.
Legislation: 9 – cops don’t care about people driving fast, though some aren’t fans of hooning. they are just there to arrest college kids and write up accident reports. And again no inspection/emissions.
Parking: 9 – lots of tourist means lots of need for parking. Businesses over compensate by having huge lots, if you know what your doing then parking is never an issue.

Brooks Wade
Brooks Wade
11 years ago
Reply to  Brooks Wade

Oops! Total: 73

11 years ago

Seoul, South Korea:
– fun road = 4 (not great, need to get out of town, just a couple of nice hills)
– quality = 4 (not good, maybe should rate it lower)
– driving = 3 (always pretty bad, except if you know what roads to avoid, if you drive after midnight, or on sunday)
– culture = 0 (no vintage car here at all)
– weather = 3 (abt 4 months a year you can take your hat off)
– gaz quality = 5 (not sure about this one)
– car maintenance = 6 (doable)
– tax = 8 (insurance and taxes are super cheap here)
– legislation = 6 (not sure either, but i know vintage cars can be exempted of some mandatory rules, if introduced before the law).
– parking = 6 (not easy to park if you don’t want a valet, but fines are cheap and you’re sure you won’t get your car vandalized)

conclusion: 46 pts. Seoul is not really a vintage car city. Ok for any other car tho.

11 years ago

Salt Lake City, Utah

9 fun roads, plenty of canyons and scenic drives
7 nice wide streets
5 need alternatives to I-15
7 I am surprised by the number of classic cars just in my suburban neighborhood
6 for the number of months I usually drove my Spider
7 based on price which is usually lower than average
5 probably average for shops
7 pretty low fees and taxes
6 emissions is required back to ’65 in the most populous counties
9 parking is nearly free

67 total

Gabriel Tomass
Gabriel Tomass
11 years ago

Here’s my score for: Curitiba – Parana – Brazil (The score was kinda low, only 56 points)
1. 8 – There are many nice roads in the region;
2. 2 – I did give it a 4, but after reading in the comments people giving a 4 for California’s roads, I had to take the score down… haha;
3. 3 – Took score down from 5. Again, after seeing people complain about California’s traffic;
4. 7 – There are some meets, weekly, around the city, for vintage car collectors. Nothing fancy though;
5. 8 – It rains a lot and has gray skies more often than not. But temps. usually don’t reach 0°C (32F) and there’s no snow here since 1975, so you can enjoy driving all year long;
6. 3 – Regular gas is 87 oct. (mon+ron/2), premium gas is 91 oct. and the highest octane fuel you can get at the pumps is 95 oct. All have over 20\% ethanol mixed in, so if your carbs are not nickel treated they will corrode. And you have to be careful because some stations mix all kinds of solvents to the fuel.
Also, it’s expensive. The regular fuel costs R$ 2,90, premium costs R$ 3,20 and 95 octane R$ 3,60 per liter. (Bear in mind that the minimum wage here is R$ 678,00)
7. 7 – You can find skilled mechanics here if you are careful.
8. 9 – Cars with over 20 years don’t pay taxes. Only a mandatory insurance and annual licensing, adding up to less than R$ 200,00, no matter the price of the car.
9. 4 – Legislation is a mess. It makes it very difficult and expensive to import cars or parts. It doesn’t allow most modifications (although people do them anyway haha). It’s so absurd, that several years ago, there has been a case where a guy with an Audi RS2 was stopped by cops and they didn’t want to release the guy because the car had parts written “Porsche” on them, so they thought it was modified…
10. 5 – People don’t respect other people’s properties. You need to be very careful when choosing a parking spot and avoid, specially, SUVs and Pickup trucks.

Wesley Borden
Wesley Borden
11 years ago

1. Fun-to-Drive Roads: 5
2. Quality of Roads: 3
3. Traffic Problems: 5
4. Culture: 2
5. Driving Weather: 5
6. Gas Quality: 7
7. Car Maintenance: 6
8. Taxes and Fees: 6
9. Legislation: 8
10. Parking: 7

Grand Total for Milwaukee: 54

Jason Owen Gray
Jason Owen Gray
11 years ago

South Wales UK
1.10 lots of fast coutry lanes and moutain passes. Used by loads of car mags.
2.4 The moutain roads are sweet. Ironically it’s the roads getting there that are awful.
3.4 Most have clocked on so bikers and caravaners (ugh) are everywhere.
4.2 unfortunately it just doesn’t exsist.
5.1 if you love rain you’ll love it here! We get sun for 10 minutes once a year.
6.7. Lots of shell v power stations popping up. If your not fussed your fine.
7.6 Theres an attitude of if its a car, a local garage will fix it. There’s plenty of mx5 specialists for me though.
8.3 Car tax can be a killer, so can fuel prices (£1.31 per litre) boooo
9.5 The police hide everywhere. Even hiding speed cameras in horse boxes! 🙁 No fun!
10. 9 Parking is really good.
Total 51. Over come the crap and enjoy the awesome twisty B roads.

Simon Lockie
Simon Lockie
11 years ago

Auckland, New Zealand: Based on the above I give it a solid 86… but then looking at the other comments, perhaps it should be higher?
1. We have a lot of great roads.
2. The roads are generally very well maintained.
3. Traffic is bad in rush hour, if you need to go into the city. But otherwise it’s usually free flowing.
4. We have a big car culture. Vintage American is best represented in older cars.
5. It never snows, so even in the depth of winter there are still good driving days. But it does rain quite often.
6. 98 is widely available, and I actually sell 108 leaded through my business.
7. For old VWs like I drive, there is no shortage of knowledge.
8. Over 30 years old car get “Classic” registration, which costs about 1/5 of normal.
9. We have no smog testing even on new cars.
10. There are bad car parks, but they’re easy enough to avoid. Usually parking is good and free except in the central city.

Leucea Alexandru
Leucea Alexandru
11 years ago

Bucharest, Romania, Eastern Europe.
Fun to drive roads, i would give it an 8, because there are plenty of good roads, especially in the center and on the outskirts of the town. Crowded during the day, but acceptable on weekends or at night. An interesting landscape as well, a mixture between interwar architecture, a communist stamp and a modern influence provides something unique and interesting. There are numerous narrow streets which resemble the ones in France or Italy. But the wide boulevards are truly fantastic to cruise on. Plenty of traffic lights though.
Quality of roads, not far from Russia i would say. But there is a noticeable improvement and efforts are being made, so i guess it’s a matter of time until we can call it “Western Quality”. That being said, give it 20 more years and it should be fine, around 7 for that matter. But for now, it gets a 3.
Traffic problems. Well, as they say, if you can make it here you can make it anywhere. It’s not that bad, except for traffic jams, casual road rage, drivers that don’t know what they are doing and a couple of disoriented pedestrians crossing the road here and there. If you pay attention and if you are alert at all times, you should be fine. But it can be worse, check out the Russian dash cams for some examples. I would give it a 5.
Culture. There are various automotive clubs and associations in Bucharest. For example, there is the “ACR” as we call it, and it stands for “Romanian Automotive Club”. It can provide assistance and information, it has a large number of members and enthusiasts. There is also a club called “Retromobil Romania”, where you can find a lot of vintage cars, some of them are very rare. They can also help you if you own a classic car and want to join, because there are plenty of taxes to be paid, to register an old car. So by having it registered with them, as a certified classic, you don’t need to pay anything. As a historical background, i would mention this: – Rally of the Danube (3 parts)
But of course, there is more to it. The automotive culture is divided in many ways. There are countless meetings, brand enthusiasts, maniacs and collectors. I will stick to the points and give it 9 for its culture.
Driving weather. Very hot during summer, not so cold during winter, it is truly ideal for driving. It has a little bit of everything, sun, rain, snow, wind (but not too often), so it’s quite pleasant. Definitely a 10.
Gas quality is poor. First of all, it is expensive. Second, there are plenty of gas stations cheating at the pumps. It’s a fact. And they don’t clean the tanks as often as they should. So the gas receives a 3 for that matter.
Car maintenance. I guess it depends on the car. For example, there are plenty of Bmw, VW, Audi, Mercedes-Benz mechanics and dealers, but if you own an Alfa Romeo or a MG things can get tricky. Car maintenance is pretty expensive if performed at certified dealers, but there is always the neighborhood mechanic that can do a proper maintenance for less. So i would give it a 7 for car maintenance.
Taxes and fees. The part that everybody hates doesn’t get any better here. Basically, you can import any car into Romania. That is, if you can afford it. Countless hours spent at various lines to pay for ever changing taxes. Registration taxes, emissions taxes, pollution taxes, license plate taxes, road taxes, parking taxes, insurance taxes and the beat goes on. Not more than 2 points on this one.
Legislation. Coming from politics, it is always ambiguous and prone to change, unfortunately not always in the good way. It gets 5 points for trying.
Parking. I once drove 45 minutes in a circle around the house to find a parking place. The city is overcrowded by cars and lacks parking lots. Drivers park their cars on corners, where they obstruct visibility, on pedestrian crossings and on sidewalks. It’s a parking hell. 3 points for that.
So, a total score of 55.

Walter R. Moore
Walter R. Moore
11 years ago

Saint Petersburg, FL scores well on many of these measures – clean gas, classic car clubs, mechanics.. the downfall is our dreadfully boring, straight roads. The best I can offer in town is a nice slow-speed cruise down the beach.

For proper fun driving I go 600 miles to the Georgia/North Carolina border… ad some of the most exciting roads on Earth..

Jonathon Glazebrook
Jonathon Glazebrook
11 years ago

Here we go then…San Francisco Bay Area:
[b]Fun to drive roads: 9[/b] – Head North, South or West out of the city and you’re in for fun. Since San Francisco is hemmed in by mountains, there is no shortage of fantastic twisty roads. Whether you’re looking for a solitary strip of twisties, or a more casual cruise down HWY 1, there’s something for everyone. Not to mention, you’re in driving distance to a number of great closed circuits for track day fun!
[b]Quality of roads: 2[/b] – LA, you have nothing on the roads in SF and Oakland…third world? Try, lost world!
[b]Traffic problems: 6[/b] – This one is tough, sure the traffic isn’t as bad as LA (at least not consistently), but you can’t expect to wake up early on the weekends and see open roads either…too many cyclists. Share the road!
[b]Culture: 9[/b] – There are more collector car clubs, great garages, and petrol-heads up here than you can shake a stick at.
[b]Driving weather: 9[/b] – It does rain occasionally, though that’s why I drive an Audi.
[b]Gas quality: 7[/b] – 91 Octane, c’mon California…
[b]Car maintenance: 9[/b] – You’ll be hard pressed to find a “bad” shop in the Bay Area
[b]Taxes and Fees: 5[/b] – Because it’s California.
[b]Legislation: 9[/b] – Surprisingly, because it’s California.
[b]Parking: 7[/b] – …but why are you parking anyway?
[b]Total: 72[/b]

11 years ago

I think you mean East, not a lot of driving options West of San Francisco 😉

I agree with your assessment except for one thing: parking. San Francisco is one of these worst places to park, hard to find parking anywhere, and people are constantly bumping into other cars while trying to parallel park. Scuffed and paint chipped bumpers abound.

Jonathon Glazebrook
Jonathon Glazebrook
11 years ago
Reply to  WhatDaFunk

And to think I re-read that and consciously thought to myself, “west, yeah, that’s right”. Comes from years of living at the beach in NC where west was headed away from the beach…and yes, I’ve made that mistake in conversation as well.

I guess it depends where you park; I’m lucky to have garage parking so I don’t futz with it much. But, I also spend a lot of time in NYC, so by comparison, SF is actually a 13….

Vince Vaitiekunas
Vince Vaitiekunas
11 years ago

Toronto, ON Canada = TOTAL = 42
Fun roads to drive = 4 ( some places, Don Valley Parkway is fun when it’s not rush hour, so that would be 4am)
Quality of Roads = 2 (this is Canada our potholes can accommodate trolls and groundhogs very easily)
Traffic = 2 (total grid-lock, best to bring either Moby Dick, War & Peace or some other short story to read when stuck in traffic..)
Culture = 2 (oldies but goodies are rare in this city, they emerge form storage in June. Pedestrians stop and stare blankly)
Weather = 4 (Canada, nuff said)
Gas = (91 or even 94 can be found, but its not that common)
Maintenance = 7 (plenty of shops, restoration & performance places.. potholes & weather are great for business..)
Taxes = 3 (*see Weather)
Legislation = 7 (20 year old car don’t need e-tests, overall Ontario government legislation is bearable: NO right hand drive cars in Quebec though, it’s a French thing…)
Parking = 5 (it’s getting expensive especially when you pay $40 to park near a hockey game to see the Toronto Maple Leafs loose..)

Terrence Dorsey
Terrence Dorsey
11 years ago

Rural Vermont gets an 80.

Long, cold winters, salty roads and (apparent) lack of specialty garages offset by amazing roads, no traffic, fall colors, great car culture (Hemmings is right down the road) and good old Yankee ingenuity.

(Scores: 10, 10, 10, 7, 4, 7, 6, 8, 9 10)

11 years ago

Maurik, the Netherlands,:( I know boring place.
1: 2
2: 8
3: 10
4: 0
5: 0
6: 5
7: 3
8: 2
9: 8
10: 10

Terrible village as you can see

Matthew Lange
11 years ago

London (actually Greater London incorporating everything within the M25) total score 64

Fun to drive roads – 3 Not many good roads in the area and those that are have low speed limits and speed cameras
Quality of roads – 5 Mostly good but post winter a lot of pot holes need filling in
Traffic problems – 6 As with LA not good you need to be up early on a Sunday to enjoy the best of them
Culture – 7 Some good events in London like Chelsea Autolegends, and there is the Ace cafe for meets. Need to get out of London for the best of it though
Driving weather 5 – Only really get 6-7 months good weather for classic cars (and less this year it seems)
Petrol (Gas) quality 10 – 98 Ron Super Unleaded widely available would have been a lot less if you had included cost as a criteria though
Car Maintenance 8 – lots on specialists in London or within an hour or tow of London
Taxes and Fees 8 – pre 73 cars (pre 74 from 2014) exempt from Vehicle excise duty. There is the congestion charge if you drive into London on a weekday (I don’t)
Leglislation 8 At the moment Government seems classic car friendly
Parking 2 Never enough and what there is is very expensive

john tolle
john tolle
11 years ago

Columbus, OH

Total Score 71

11 years ago

Atlanta GA
1. 9. North Georgia Mountains have some great roads. Avoid the leaf-peepers.
2. 6. City roads can be bad but in the country all is pretty good.
3. 6. Same as LA. Avoid the crowds and you are ok.
4. 3. There is an appreciation for vintage cars but not a culture like LA.
5. 7. We get some rain but not snow. Spring and Fall are great.
6. 8. Good gas is available but ethanol mix is a problem in the city.
7. 6. There are a few good shops.
8. 6. GA just passed a sales tax on private transactions. Registration is cheap though.
9. 9. No emissions for 25 years and older.
10. 8. Parking is cheap and mostly plentiful.
TOTAL 68 of 100

Nicholas Little
Nicholas Little
11 years ago

Santa Barbara, CA = 80
Driving Roads: 7 Lots of long roads with fun twisty bits, and it only gets better in the Santa Ynez mountains.
Road Quality: 6 Great Downtown, Bad as you get far up into the mountains. Most vintage cars wouldn’t make the hillclimb anyways.
Traffic: 7 Things can get a little hairy at times, but everyone can find that sweet time to get a good few drives in.
Culture: 10 On a nice day, its impossible to not see multiple classics around town, or just cruising up and down State Street. The local Cars and Coffee has lots of wealthy patrons from neighboring Montecito.
Driving weather: 10 It’s Santa Barbara!
Gas Quality: 8 There are a few places with cheap bad gas, but most of those are obvious discount gas stores.
Car Maintenance: 10 With specialty carburetor and alternator shops, there is a plethora of experienced technicians in the area.
Taxes and Fees: 5 Registration is not too expensive, the same as LA I think.
Legislation: 9 Again, same as LA.
Parking: 8 There are a lot of Tourists that might not be careful and bash a door into your car, but I’ve never seen that actually happen. Vintage cars still park in all the downtown lots or on the street.

Inigo Loy Colmenar
Inigo Loy Colmenar
11 years ago

How friendly is your local code compliance unit when it comes to having project cars and vintage cars on your property?
How friendly are your neighbors when they see a few older cars on and around your property?
Mine are nazis!

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