Journal: Vintage Cars Look Even Better Parked Next To Vintage Planes At The Goldtimer Show

Vintage Cars Look Even Better Parked Next To Vintage Planes At The Goldtimer Show

By Máté Boér
May 10, 2016

Photography by Máté Boér

Have you ever had a picnic on an airfield? The roaring sound of radial engines, a nice variety of classic cars, and a hint of sunshine is all you need to get good people together on a small airfield for a lovely Saturday in Hungary.

Every twenty minutes, thick grey smoke and loud noise fills the fresh air above families, friends, lovers, etc. lying on the harsh green grass. In usual circumstances, they’d go crazy very soon, but this green plain is the Budaörs Airfield, which recently opened its gates to the classic airplane and classic car lovers for the fifth time. The event is called Goldtimer Day, and it is held by the Goldtimer Foundation, with the aim of gaining more attention to their tireless work in restoring significant airplanes from Hungary’s aviation history. The volunteers of the foundation showed that with love, passion, and sturdiness, it can resurrect planes that seemed to have no chance to fly again. They are best known for the restoration of the Liszunov Li-2 passenger aeroplane—the Russian version of the famous Douglas DC-3—the only airworthy example in existence. Since its rebirth, the Li-2 frequently appears at various air shows, this year for example, at the ILA in Berlin.

From time to time, the Goldtimer Foundation grabs the opportunity to share its passion with everyday people and shows the real world seen in Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines. How else could you do that, than by flying? Although the entry to the event was free, visitors could buy “supporting tickets” for a couple of different airplanes, and in return, they got a 15–20 minute  flight. Nowadays, the foundation is looking after six planes, all of them have very interesting and adventurous history…and I hope to feature some of them in more detail soon.

While the sound of the radial engines filled the air above, a colorful variety of classic and youngtimer cars gathered on the fenced-off section of the airfield. Between the fine fourwheelers, like the 1932 Fiat 508 Balilla Spider Sport or the Volkswagen T1 “Samba” Transporter, children and dogs were running around and zigzagging among the picnic baskets.

Sometimes, they stopped for a few seconds, fixed their eyes to the sky to watch a coming plane and to be amazed by it, and then continued the game. I believe that these interactive events give the best chance to bring a new generation closer to the values of the past—and I wish I could have more Saturdays like this!

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