Journal: Classic Cars Transposed Into Scenes Create Evocative Narratives

Classic Cars Transposed Into Scenes Create Evocative Narratives

By Petrolicious Productions
April 1, 2014

French photographer Mr. Nicolas Dhervillers is best known for transposing people into dimly lit landscapes creating a juxtaposition of environment and purpose. Frequently, it leads to images that have a haunting, isolated quality. Additionally, the disconnect in the lighting on the people and environment adds yet another layer of incongruity. But more recently he exhibited a series transposing classic cars into scenes inspired by movies and intended to have a cinematic quality. The series, entitled “Road Movie,” is experimental, as if trying to evoke a storyboarded script.

He selected the particular autos because they have stories to tell: some of them come from famous films and they each relate a narrative. In some ways, the transposition sort of speaks to music sampled in order to contrast with the primary beat. Nicolas isn’t really a car aficionado, does not own a classic car, nor does he plan on purchasing one. That’s fine as he approached this project with a goal in mind and the cars are simply vehicles (pardon the pun) for telling the tale. His work has been featured in multiple exhibits and is in several important collections such including the French National Library and the Parisian Municipal Foundation for Contemporary Art.

To check out more of his work, head to his site, here.

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Kr Ashwin

So nice post and the pictures you have been posted.I like all of these.Am the greatest fan of tutorial that is free and easily taught how to delete browser history.Thank you so much.

Matt Pipes

I almost lived the scene with the red 69 Valiant, only mine was a 68 and white (and on the Oregon coast) love the pictures!


nice pictures!

Anne Kromhout
Anne Kromhout

The proportions of the cars are just way off, which sadly doesn’t do it for me.

Jeff Lannigan
Jeff Lannigan

Echoing Dustin’s comment, it is interesting to see how the cars are used purely for their aesthetic value and visual effect, but free of the preconceptions and biases to a particular make or model that we gearheads have.

Dustin Rittle
Dustin Rittle

WOW this is some really good stuff. Its nice to see real cars doing some real things. I like the fact the photographer isnt really a car buff but yet uses cars to tell a story. I think it just shows that cars are just more then just plastic, metal ,and rubber put together. A car can be a time machine, story teller and also a way of life.

Jake Williams
Jake Williams

I was a bit confused by the picture of the Citreon driving away from the burning house. Was that the evil, pyromaniac model?