News: Want To Own The RUF CTR2 Sports That Competed At Pikes Peak?

Want To Own The RUF CTR2 Sports That Competed At Pikes Peak?

By James Gent
June 9, 2020

A successor to RUF’s original CTR ‘Yellowbird’, the CTR2 was introduced by company founder Alois Ruf Jr. seven years later in 1995. Based on the 993 Turbo, the CTR2 featured not only heavily revised (read ‘boss’) kevlar bodywork, but an integrated rollcage, Recaro seats, a bi-functional rear spoiler, and, most significantly an air-cooled 3.6-litre twin-turbo flat-six based on the powertrain used in the all-conquering 962 Group C prototype. At its peak in road-going trim, the flat-six was capable of 580hp, meaning the CTR2 could outsprint Ferrari’s F50 and even Jaguar’s XJ220 en-route to a mesmerizing 350kph top speed.

That the CTR2 was a ballistic missile then was beyond question, but still Alois Ruf Jr was keen to prove the dynamic capabilities of his company’s new creation. Hence the example you see below, one of only two examples specifically produced to compete on the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb in 1997.

Granted, a few modifications were required. On the outside, new front fenders, rear decklid, dual rear wings, and sill-extensions have been fashioned from composite materials, while the front decklid and doors are moulded from carbon fibre. That distinctive rear spoiler meanwhile meant more downforce as well as cycling greater airflow to the intercoolers. Combined, that meant the kerb weight also dropped from 1,358kg (2,994lb) to 1,273kg (2,807lb).

The engine meanwhile received a lightweight flywheel, new titanium connecting rods, and an swift elbow to the power output that went up from 520bhp – though some examples had already been tuned to 580bhp – to a dizzing 702bhp. Torque also received a boost from 686Nm (506lb ft) to 786Nm (575lb ft), all of which was sent to the rear wheels via a RUF-developed six-speed manual transmission.

Performance of this particular model is described as “extraordinary”, so we’re guessing the CTR2’s original sub-four-second 0-100kph sprint time also received a hike.

With new owner Steve Beddor at the wheel, this particular CTR2 lapped comfortably in the top five of the Open division during free practice sessions and even topped the category’s qualifying session. Two days later, on 4 July no less, Beddor completed the 20km Race to the Clouds in 12m 16.52s, just 20s slower than Open class winner Paul Choiniere in a specially modified Hyundai Tiburon. Just two places further back, Steve’s brother David posted a 12m 39.90s run in the second, experimental RUF CTR2X, barely a second behind Tsuneo Kameda’s Subaru Impreza. And bear in mind this before the route had been paved.

That was not it though for the CTR2 Sport’s competitive history. Following its 2nd place finish on Pikes Peak, Steve Beddor ran intermittently in club competition, including outings at Virginia International Raceway, Watkins Glen, Road America, Laguna Seca, and Sebring among others. Unsurprisingly, podium finishes arrived with regularity.

However, while built to meet FIA regulations, this CTR2 Sport was later converted to full road legal status in Germany with an extra silencer fitted to the exhaust, and the flat-six, now fitted with a water injection system by RUF, detuned to 591.5bhp. The fully independent motorsport-grade suspension meanwhile, a bespoke creation by Öhlins, was also converted to road trim for both Europe and the US.

Interested? Well, this particular CTR2 Sport is now up for auction at RM Sotheby’s with an asking price of € 365,000 (around $414K USD). The only slight drawback is that the winning bidder will need to pick the car up from Reutlingen, Germany.

*Images courtesy of RM Sotheby’s

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4 years ago

Looking at this engine – how is it turbocharged? Inlet manifold and air filter looks NA, and I see no inter-coolers.

Amir Kakhsaz
Amir Kakhsaz
3 years ago
Reply to  Porsche928s4

The intercoolers are sitting vertically in the partition between the engine bay and the wheelwell behind the tire. You can see the top side endtank and red boost hoses in the photo of the engine bay on either side near the frame rails.

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