Featured: Watch The Goodwood Revival Live On Petrolicious

Watch The Goodwood Revival Live On Petrolicious

By Petrolicious Productions
September 10, 2015

The Goodwood Revival is this weekend, and we’ll be there. If you can’t make it, however, watching the official live stream is the best thing. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, you can watch the live stream right here on Petrolicious!

Live feed schedule (all times GMT)

Friday, 11th September 09:10–19:45

Saturday, 12th September 08:55–18:05

Sunday, 13th September 08:55–18:00

During the event, follow @PetroliciousCo on Twitter and Instagram for updates over the weekend. After the event, look forward to incredible photo sets and stories for a glimpse at some of the personalities and incredible machines there. For more information on the Goodwood Revival, visit its website.


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Christopher Gay
Christopher Gay(@christophergay)
6 years ago

Kristensen’s drive from last to first in big, old American iron was fantastic. What a great race!

Matthew Lange
Matthew Lange(@365daytonafan)
6 years ago

That Fairlane was an absolute monster. Just as well TK started from the back of the grid, he would probably have lapped the field otherwise. Pic from Part 2 of theSt Mary’s which it also won.

Christopher Gay
Christopher Gay(@christophergay)
6 years ago
Reply to  Matthew Lange

Even better, he apparently had close to zero time in the car before the race.

I saw Bobby Rahal wrestle one of these around in similar fashion some years back. Just fantastic stuff. Sign me up!

I do wish we still had our little Cortina, though… 🙁 That car was wonderful.

Jarrod H
Jarrod H(@derelict)
6 years ago

It was interesting to watch but completely ridiculous really. If it was an actual Thunderbolt, it had a 427 under the hood. That car would have been better matched up against the Mustang, Cobra, E Type classes. Not the small 4 cylinder coupes and sedans. I know that originally the Fairlane and Mini battles were the ones to watch but those Fairlanes were small block cars without the brute power of a 427.

I missed the first day and Goodwood already took the whole day recaps down. Lame.

Christopher Gay
Christopher Gay(@christophergay)
6 years ago
Reply to  Jarrod H

Yeah, I agree with you there. I did not realize he was using a 427. I’d say wrong class.

Fun to watch, nonetheless.

Merrill Aldrich
Merrill Aldrich(@merrilla)
6 years ago

This is so wonderful – thank you! I love the “golf” style commentary 🙂

Mark Jansen
Mark Jansen(@photoman1)
6 years ago

Great coverage.Thank you for tapping into the action Petrolicious!

Christopher Gay
Christopher Gay(@christophergay)
6 years ago

Nobody better bug me for a while…

Three generations of petrol heads are about to check out.

Thank you!

6 years ago

Well…. there went another day out the window! Productivity level – 0

It’s always a pleasure watching such incredible (and priceless) machines getting thrashed in the rain.