Featured: What is the Ideal Classic Car to Get Your Partner Afflicted

What is the Ideal Classic Car to Get Your Partner Afflicted

By Yoav Gilad
December 24, 2014

Photography by Afshin Behnia, Josh Clason, and Saam Gabbay

A few weeks ago we asked you how far you’d be willing to go to include your love of cars in less-than-relevant life events. But before you even get the green light from your significant other to do this, you probably need to share some of your automotive enthusiasm with him or her. And, you’ll have to forgive me but I’m going to generalize here, most non-Petrolisti aren’t too impressed by 8000 horsepower Top Fuel dragsters. While shockingly quick, they do have limited appeal even to us car nerds.

So it should probably be something a little, or a lot, more subtle. It should probably be friendly, accessible, and I’d imagine organic is better than angular. Or is it just a question of how you drive? But if you had one chance to “convert” your significant other into petrolista, which one car would be best suited to the task?

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Marco Delprato
Marco Delprato(@marcodelprato)
5 years ago

I would choose a Fiat Barchetta or an Alfa Romeo Duetto spider. They are really loved by women

Ted Leithart
Ted Leithart(@tedleithart)
5 years ago

top off
something we don’t have to continually battle to keep it on the road

I’m thinking a Mercedes SL, but I’d prefer a 300SL (a little more expensive than the last one ‘we’ bought into for $7k)….

Filippo Fassino
Filippo Fassino(@fil-blue)
6 years ago

My wife is not exactly passioned of “open air” driving, but she loves the small and cute cars, like the old Fiat 500, or the Austin Healey Sprite, because it seems it is smiling and we may have it in many different colors…
But she can accept even my Spitfire 😉

Brandon Nesset
Brandon Nesset(@nesset127)
6 years ago

I could see the BMW 3.0CS E9 coupe having some appeal. It’s rather “soft” looking and friendly. Same with the 2002, it’s not super aggressive.

Jeffrey Hicken
Jeffrey Hicken(@jhicken)
6 years ago

I’m a vintage VW guy. My gal was ok with this, let me run with it to a certain extent, but two years ago I restored a ’79 Bus for her. Now she’s hooked. We just sat down last week to review events this year “we” were going to attend!

Mission Accomplished!

Mark Petersen
Mark Petersen(@originalmrp)
6 years ago
Reply to  Jeffrey Hicken

Nice job Jeff.
I’m ashamed to say that my ’78 Twin Slider has been neglected due to life getting in the way.
It seems that with a looming ‘site relocation’ on the horizon, I might have to sell.

Mark Petersen
Mark Petersen(@originalmrp)
6 years ago

My girlfriend, puts up with a small, cramped, hot Healey Sebring Sprite really well.
She also puts up with, me disappearing into the garage for hours and returning covered in grease, oil and petrol.
Thankfully she’s handy with spanners and can strike a deft blow to the spinners with the copper mallet.
Trips to Goodwood Revival and Sunday Breakfasts, also last years trip to the 72nd Members Meet makes up for it.

(Yes, she’s a keeper)

lEN cOLOCCIA(@biglen)
7 years ago

914, nearly always with the targa off.

Todd Westlie
Todd Westlie(@m5todd)
7 years ago

When we met my wife had a 1981 280ZX. She sold it and I bought her a new 2007 350Z. Although not a current classic, she loves it and it is HER car – she’s “…got the pink slip, daddy…” 😉

Tom Michels
Tom Michels(@tomonomics)
7 years ago

A stylish roadster with some creature comforts.

My 986 Boxster has proved up to the task, if not only because of the two trunks and the heated seats. (My previous Miata failed the longer-than-a-weekend test: not enough space for all her stuff).

Ryan Hoyle
Ryan Hoyle(@drweelan)
7 years ago

Mine has already told me, 57 thunderbird in baby blue only or 63 thunderbird, or a bmw 2002. All of which are out of our price range.

Brandon Nesset
Brandon Nesset(@nesset127)
6 years ago
Reply to  Ryan Hoyle

I picked up a 76′ Fjord Blue 2002 for a grand. It’s a little rusty and the paint is kinda ghetto but it’s pretty awesome for the price. Just keep an eye out!

David Allison
David Allison(@porkchopious)
7 years ago

I pick my wife (who travels a lot) up at Dulles airport in our 1967 Maserati Ghibli often. She loves the fact that I pick her up and also basks in the admiring looks of others as she is whisked off in style.

Bob Zeliff
Bob Zeliff(@bobz)
7 years ago

My wife is not at all into cars..other than a cuteness factor. She like the look, size and colors of a Smart Car. Minis, especially the old smaller ones appeal to her. She just got a Fiat 500S as her car.

She does enjoy my BMW Z3 3.0 roadster enough to put up with my driving and go on weekend trips…but not really for a spin on some moutain roads…my driving again..

Darel Matthews
Darel Matthews(@darel)
7 years ago

My wife “enjoyed” my TR6 and when she asked for her own classic, we shopped around. She really liked the Jag MkIIs but fell in love with her current Volvo 1800S…which makes her sad often, because I am constantly working on it and she hasn’t driven it more than a couple times since we’ve had it.

7 years ago

Depending on where you live, something with a heater I think is necessary to allow her to spend lots of time in it without complaint, also something that can at least hold a bag of groceries or some small luggage for a weekend away can allow a car to have a great presence in your life.

Patrick Peters
Patrick Peters(@patrick68)
7 years ago

My girl, is not to much into classic cars, but she just loves a convertible! It started with my Saab 93 and more so with the car we now own, a Porsche Boxster. Convertible is the way to go guys. And Oh! don’t forget the picnic basket and (clean) blanket.

kevin davis
kevin davis(@drauz)
7 years ago
Reply to  Patrick Peters

I picked up an e30 318iC just for this purpose. (I like it too) Plenty of trunk room for picnic kit… & even a backseat (!).

Sid Widmer
Sid Widmer(@sid)
7 years ago

The Mini Cooper S. It’s the only car my wife really swoons for. Small, friendly, fun and has those all-important round eyes. I need to put it next on the list.

Steve Hayward
Steve Hayward(@steveh)
7 years ago
Reply to  Sid Widmer

Completely agree. I’ve driven my wife around in both an MGB and a Mini, and she definitely prefers the latter.

Willam Giltzow
Willam Giltzow(@billgiltzow)
7 years ago

My last significant other came to me with a Lotus Elan I am sincerely hoping the next one doesn’t drive…

7 years ago
Reply to  Willam Giltzow

What happened? You kept the Lotus?

Matteo Lazari
Matteo Lazari(@mlazari)
7 years ago

I would say a classic MGA!! 🙂

David Wiles
David Wiles(@fb_100004069304693)
7 years ago

A 250-280SL with the Pagoda roof. Though come to think of it, all of the classics that appeal to me personally are organic.
I don’t get how someone who finds an E-Type or a Lusso beautiful sees anything in a Countach.

Paul Rea
Paul Rea(@x19dude)
7 years ago

Its got to be a jag mk2 or e type of an MBG – My wife hates the lancia (delta integrale), loves the MG but says the only classic she is really interested in is a Jag. Guess one of these days I am going to have to buy a mk 2 to cart the family around in!!!

Paul Thompson
Paul Thompson(@valvebounce)
7 years ago

My wife is currently pining for a Maserati 3500GT which is a bit unexpected, in the past it’s always been Fiat 500, DS, VW Bus, any Paul Bracq Mercedes or maybe a 356. I’d be happy with any of those!

Gustaf Sjoholm
Gustaf Sjoholm(@fb_767325065)
7 years ago

Think the other way around – what impresses your guy friends (an early 911 Turbo or that stunning road version of Lancia 037) won’t convert your girlfriend. My bets here are classical icons, “design statement cars”. Alfa Bertone, Jaguar E-type, Volvo 1800S. Cars everyone can look at and see beauty, and if not beauty at least recognize from shows and movies. For once you have to forget rally and racing victories, innovational breakthroughs and and amazing tech features.

Sames goes with men’s clothing. It might be a tailored tweed suit jacket fitting your back absolutely perfect or a pair of original Nike AF1 sneakers from 1982 on ebay (never used!). Different dude friends would trade your friendship for that suit jacket or those unique iconic sneakers. While your girl… Well she would just get upset over how you could pay a fortune for a pair of hitop sneakers that looks more yellow than white today…

Conclusion, stick to classic Alfas, Jags or Porsche 356s – all models that somehow indicates ‘good taste’. And dress classy without trying to attract different niche subcultures.

7 years ago

A Nissan Figaro, she’s always wanted one and because of the 15 year import rule in Canada they a relatively easy to find.

Mark Kovacs
Mark Kovacs(@fuchs)
7 years ago

Porsche tub for my girl

Steel Lezarwood
Steel Lezarwood(@steel-lezarwood)
7 years ago

[i]Dolce Vita[/i] better than [b]Goldorak[/b] style !

Lucas R
Lucas R(@blueroach)
7 years ago

Just look for a woman who drives a manual with the right hand (or left, if you are in the UK, Japan, etc) hanging from the top of the wheel, and you´ll easily be able to talk her into buying a driver´s car: she might even encourage you to get it!. Call me crazy, but if you need to convince your significant other to buy a car that´ll make you smile, you are in deep trouble.

Dan Glover
Dan Glover(@74mgb)
7 years ago

I think that a Jag E-Type would do the trick nicely, or an XJ120. Thankfully my significant other already “gets it” and enjoys cruising around in my supercharged silver ’74 mgb.

Benjamin Shahrabani
Benjamin Shahrabani(@ben-shahrabani)
7 years ago

A classic Porsche 911 from the air cooled era!:)

Christopher Wilmot
Christopher Wilmot(@chrisc351)
7 years ago

Definitely a convertible. Women seem to love my MGB far more than my 450whp TT, maybe it’s because they have to sit on the floor because I only have one seat :p

Martin James
Martin James(@coloradokid)
7 years ago

Citroen DS , MGB’s , Alfa Spiders , pre 70 Mustangs etc are all good starting points . Problem is . Once the car starts on its annual decent into reliability hell and she’s been stranded once or twice she’ll get over the affliction [ which is what Classic Cars are by the way ] faster than you can say her name . And then ! When she sees the repair bills to get her dream car back on the road ? Suffice it to say if the woman has even a modicum of common sense she’ll be dumping the classic for the newest model you/she can afford and want . Guaranteed ! Seeing as how the ladies have a significant more amount of common sense when it comes to all things automotive than we men ever will . And then … she’ll be pressuring you to get rid of your classic as well . Lest you personally meet the same fate her classic car just did . Being traded in for a newer model that is 😀

As to the other question ? Organic over angular . Most definitely !

Jeremy DeConcini
Jeremy DeConcini(@ymeabay)
7 years ago

Pagoda Mercedes, hands down….

Scott Fowler
Scott Fowler(@superfly105)
7 years ago

Significant other just purchased an Alfa Romeo Giulia Spider Normale project in celeste blue – she saw my friend’s ’58 Spider Veloce and was immediately “afflicted”. I too am going to generalize, but most women prefer curvy cars over the sharp-angled wedge cars. She loves the Giulia but hates the Montreal

Matthew Lange
Matthew Lange(@365daytonafan)
7 years ago

Everytime Danielle sees a sixties Mustang, especially a convertible one, Danielle always remarks at how nice they look. I guess that makes one a good place to start.

Frank Anigbo
Frank Anigbo(@fanigbo)
7 years ago

She already is a convert, but if she were not, the original Fiat 500 will do it.

Tobi Aufdemrad
Tobi Aufdemrad(@fb_100000864040605)
7 years ago

VW Käfer, Citroen 2CV, Fiat 124/500. Alfa Spider, Ford Mustang..

Gustaf Skrealid
Gustaf Skrealid(@fb_100007291901045)
7 years ago

Fiat 500

Michael Bolli
Michael Bolli(@fb_1269379447)
7 years ago

Fiat 124 Spider!

Bjorn (@ambiance)
7 years ago

Ferrari 246 or Porsche 904.