Gear: Waft's Latest Book Remembers Truly Dangerous Motorsport

Waft’s Latest Book Remembers Truly Dangerous Motorsport

By Benjamin Shahrabani
February 16, 2017

The title of Waft’s latest book is a play on a saying from three-time World Drivers Champion, Sir Jackie Stewart. Reflecting in an interview on the era in which he drove – where anyone continuously racing had a two-out-of-three chance of dying – he famously quipped “when motor racing was dangerous and sex was safe”. And so it was. To be a racing driver during that age, before advancements in safety as well as regard to spectator safety, meant to accept the probability of death, not just the possibility.

When Sex Was Safe and motor racing was bloody dangerous seeks to bring to life twenty-one thrilling, historic, and quite often perilous stories from racing. While Waft principle Bart Lenaerts ably handles the writing duties, the extremely talented artists from Unique & Limited in the Czech Republic contribute their trademark and gorgeously illustrated tableaus to each of the twenty-one chapters encompassing varied – but always memorable and engrossing – stories and characters from the yesteryear of Formula 1, the Mille Miglia, and LeMans amongst others. For those whom might be interested to know how the almost photorealistic artwork was created, a short section at the end of each chapter shows you what it took. It’s neat stuff.

A wonderful pairing between Waft and Unique & Limited, When Sex Was Safe and motor racing was bloody dangerous depicts slices of motorsport history – and perhaps just as importantly – seeks to give them context as well.

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Book Details:
Title: When Sex Was Safe and motor racing was bloody dangerous
Publisher: Waft
Author(s): Bart Lenaerts, Lies De Mol, Unique and Limited
Format: Hardback, 252 pages

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1 year ago

I really like it when a book lays out the historical events and further development in detail. I have written about this principle of strengths and weaknesses on a resource with free essay samples for students. Many changes in this world may frustrate us, but they further lead to development just like the development of motorsports.

Nicolas Moss
Nicolas Moss
7 years ago

This book no doubt tells stories that would be of benefit and interest to many more people than those that can afford $65. I’m not saying the product isn’t worth $65, as I’m sure it is made of quality materials. But prose and art need not be entombed in a robust sarcophagus. Any chance an eBook version could be made for a more reasonable price?

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