Travel: Why Can’t All Events Be Like The London Classic Car Show?

Why Can’t All Events Be Like The London Classic Car Show?

By Jayson Fong
February 29, 2016

Photography by Jayson Fong

Now in its second year and double the size, the London Classic Car Show is quickly becoming the UK event to visit to get your first fix of classic road and racing cars for the year ahead.

Arriving, I was immediately struck by the size of the exhibition space. This initial impression for this year’s event did not disappoint with mouth-watering car collections, artworks and a host of celebrities from the automotive world wherever you looked. If you were there, you would have also seen a life size Corgi Double Decker, decorated inside and out with everything Corgi to mark their 60th anniversary.

Although laid out like most other motor shows with dealerships, manufacturers and trade stalls lining the hall, the “Grand Avenue” splits the exhibition space and shakes up the usual expectations by allowing visitors to see, hear and smell the cars. Seeing a Gold Leaf Lotus 49 spinning tyres is a very welcome change to the usual static only displays.

In addition to the Grand Avenue and the variety of vendors, perhaps one of my favourite aspects of the show were the exhibitions. An opportunity to get a closer look at some of the things rarely seen anywhere else. In one corner was a fine selection of Group B Rally legends, in another a collection of supercars through the ages, and in another, an insightful exhibition curated by Gordon Murray on the incredible story behind the Mclaren F1.

For those of you thinking of visiting the London Classic Car Show, I would suggest you do! As an event that continues to grow, so will the showcase of fine classic cars. With attractions that cater for all tastes, it is certainly worth a day of exploration. And if you’re planning on holding a classic car show, it’s nice to see the cars moving…

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Matthew Lange
Matthew Lange
8 years ago

I was there on the Saturday. The vast Excel center was also hosting two other shows in addition to the Classic car show; a baby show and a version of Comic Con. Walking down the central promenade we were playing an amusing game og guessing which show other people on the promenade were going too.

I really enjoyed the show this year and much improved from last year too.

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