Travel: We Visit The Hidden Classic Car Bunker At London’s Core

We Visit The Hidden Classic Car Bunker At London’s Core

By Jayson Fong
January 5, 2016

Our photographer Jayson Fong recently visited Car Vault London, and cheekily attached some images from his visit, saying he “thought it might be interesting”.

Uh, yeah. Located near the centre of London, England, it’s a facility operated by the same team that’s behind the Classic Car Club, a private membership with around 50 classics at their disposal at nearly any time.

And with so many vehicles to store for members and customers, the practical and almost boring-sounding business of “storing”, maintaining, and using classic cars the right way ends up looking quite magical.

Jayson said that once he turned his lens on the subjects housed within the cave-like (though well-lit) underground storage facility, it was clear the well-organized space could cater to just about anything, from tiny Fiat 500s to modern supercars.

If you’ve ever wondered what winter brings for the world’s classic cars, in London it seems quite a few are quite cozy. Until spring…

Special thanks to Car Vault London and Classic Car Club for opening their doors and accommodating a photo shoot.

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Vincent Chiaro
Vincent Chiaro
6 years ago

They ought to know that you NEVER put a Ferrari shield on a Dino. Shame on them.

Carlos Ferreira
Carlos Ferreira
8 years ago


Jochen Krauß
Jochen Krauß
8 years ago

That’s exactly what I thought! And it looks like a Berlina, not the Coupé. Thanks for saving this part of the automobile history – to whomever it owns. I bought a silver one last fall and look forward to take it on the road in spring!

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