Reader Submissions: 1968 Dodge Dart 270

1968 Dodge Dart 270

By Petrolicious Productions
August 13, 2013

Owner: Adam Holter

Make: Dodge 

Model: Dart 270 

Year: 1968 

Location: Maryland

Adam has owned this Dodge Dart 270 since June 2011, and since then he’s put over 20,000 miles it. Lucy, as Adam affectionately calls the car, is his daily driver, his road tripper, his pain-in-the-neck project (on more than one occasion), and his show queen. This car is unrestored and nearly all-original, though Adam claims it has too many doors and too few cylinders. The 225 slant six and Torqueflite 904 are both original (except for a Holley 4-barrel a previous owner installed), and consistently average about 18 mpg through some admittedly heavy driving. Adams tells us that Lucy is reliable for the most part, but though she’s far from perfect, she’s been a great car for him.

Adam bought Lucy because of her personality. He states that she has her quirks, and that she’s definitely not a car any collector would think twice about, which was kind of the idea. Adam doesn’t ever want to own a car that he’s afraid to drive in any weather, anywhere. With Lucy, he likes that he doesn’t have to worry: she starts up every time, takes him anywhere he wants to go (just ask him about his road trips to New York, Missouri, and North Dakota), and she looks cool as hell doing it.

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Hudson Valley Chronic
Hudson Valley Chronic
10 years ago

I had two of these, plus a number of Valiants. Awesome cars, impossible to kill. Sad that it’s all on it’s way out. Here’s a song to help us automotive outlaws deal with the last dying days of the internal combustion engine era:

10 years ago

Great car. Ive got a 1970 Dart Swinger which I hope to submit this weekend. Glad to see a fellow MOPAR lover and some classic American cars on the site 🙂 nice ride.

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