Films: 1968 Husqvarna Viking 360cc: Steve McQueen’s First Husky
Made To Drive | S13 E1
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Made To Drive | S13 E17

1968 Husqvarna Viking 360cc: Steve McQueen’s First Husky

Iconic moto pop culture, with a wonderful two-stroke soundtrack to boot.
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Made To Drive

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Isaac Isaacson
Isaac Isaacson

The film is well made, like always. But I don’t understand it. You show riding bits of a motocross bike and they’re exclusively done on tarmac. Even if it is a collectors item, this is ridiculous.

Hugo Ortiz
Hugo Ortiz

Auto captions were incredibly accurate:

Idling down hill = [Applause]

Light throttle = [Music]

Robert in LA
Robert in LA

The Blacksmith Garage where part of this is filmed is an interesting shop. One of their strengths is with mid-century Dodge Powerwagons. For back ground information on the Blacksmith Garage in Eden Utah try this URL: Eden has a population of about six hundred people. Looks to be a charming place.

Evan Bedford
Evan Bedford

Husky did everything. I still have the Husky rifle that put moose meat on the table for our family back in the 1960’s.


2 Stroke > 4 Stroke. not even close. The sound, the smell, the powerband that in many cases wants to kill you. Love them.

Bryan Dickerson
Bryan Dickerson

What a trip! Just last night I stayed up too late watching the documentary about the making of the ‘Lemans’ movie. I was of that generation that thought McQueen was THE coolest! ‘Bullit’, ‘Lemans’, and ‘On Any Sunday’ were highlights of my childhood. As a young rider the look of these old “Huskies” was already iconic and defined what a dirt bike should look like. It is still such a beautiful, purposeful look and even way back when long travel suspension revolutionized MX racing, I already missed the look of the earlier, low-slung bikes like this one. Beautiful restoration Dell,… Read more »