Films: 1989 Ferrari F40: My Twin-Turbocharged Lucky Charm
Made To Drive | S12 E1
1971 Porsche 911T: Traveling Al Frisco
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Made To Drive | S12 E23

1989 Ferrari F40: My Twin-Turbocharged Lucky Charm

From magazine cutouts to the real deal.
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Made To Drive
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Bob Rothwell
Bob Rothwell(@bob_rothwell)
2 years ago

Got a ride in a F40 at night(Microsoft engineer, millionaire!) . Like hurtling down a sewer pipe with the jet engine right behind you! Yeah, Darby, I want to know Jas’s bidness too. I was definitely in the wrong one for a car guy!

2 years ago

Absolutely stunning. Thank you for sharing this with us!!!! What an excellent production as well. Jas, if you read this would you mind telling me what business you are in? You have an amazing collection………….

Anthony Guglielmi
Anthony Guglielmi(@mildseven)
2 years ago

Great video, I had saved the email in my inbox for a while now finally got around to watching it.

I like the owner. Seems like a genuine nice dude.

2 years ago

Kudos to Jas for driving the F40 to share with the world, and sharing it with his kids. What an awesome owner!
This video reinforces my personal opinion that the F40 and McLaren F1 are still the two best supercars ever made, and the ones to drive above all others.

Jerome Howard
Jerome Howard(@jerome_howard)
3 years ago

Truly magnificent!!

3 years ago

Great film of an iconic car sharing the passion of its owner. Love those winding roads through the trees too. Stunning.

Andy Falsetta
Andy Falsetta(@afalsett)
3 years ago

What good fortune to be caretaker for this wonderful car. Hat’s off to Jas. To experience F40 is an incredible experience. A fellow instructor got me out in his car on the last official day before closing of Bridgehampton and it was a breathtaking ride. What this video doesn’t convey is the sound of that powerplant at full song. The explosion coming from the blow-off valves is like a pistol shot behind your head just before every shift. We were airborne for a moment at the peak of the uphill just behind the paddock. Never, never will forget it.

3 years ago

This epitomises ‘driving tastefully’ with a great work of art. Seem to remember an equally beautiful previous film of the XJR-15 Jas drove?

Robert in LA
Robert in LA(@robert-in-la)
3 years ago

The remark about the car “in the hands of a master” at about 5:10 was very interesting. Jas talks about this F1 driver, (whoever he was) “pre-loading the turbos’ while in the corner. By this I assume he means using brakes and accelerator at the same time, in the corner, to build boost that, when released, allows the car to exit the turn with much high levels of torque. This makes complete sense, and it must take serious skill and self confidence to do it.

3 years ago
Reply to  Robert in LA

“He” = the Belgian driver Jacky Ickx

Robert in LA
Robert in LA(@robert-in-la)
3 years ago
Reply to  Robert in LA

Thanks Re: Ickx. Well that is quite an honor. 6X Le Mans winer. 25X on the podium in F1. Quite something to have him drive your car with you in it.

3 years ago

I agree with all of these guys. This car is one of the “greats”. And it was very nice of Jas to share the video with all of us. He has the perfect philosophy with regard to this car, and what it means to him and his family. As an aside, Chris Harris did a video for /Drive on the F40 and compare it to the F50, on the track. For those of you that ar interested to see this car at speed, check this video out, I’m sure Petrolicious won’t mind you watching another channel for this one! Enjoy! If I’m not mistaken, they are Nick Mason’s (from Pink Floyd fame) cars …

3 years ago
Reply to  jimmc9876

Yes that’s really an excellent video, Harris has a tendency to go a little over the top with the “giddy” act but in this case I think I can’t blame him.

3 years ago

Gorgeous scenery, a technological and aesthetic marvel and a well-spoken gentleman weaving engineering details through an engaging story. It’s one of my favorites.

3 years ago

I am still smiling after watching that one. Thanks and happy holidays to all of you at Petrolicious.

3 years ago

As close to perfect as cars get. I also wouldn’t mind this with my Morning Coffee one day.

Neil James
Neil James(@zakokodu)
3 years ago

Brilliant. Jas is the kind of guy you want to own an F40. Understands it in detail, knows why it exists, loves to talk about it, but more importantly loves to drive it the way it was intended to be driven. Glad his passion is rubbing off on his children too.

Evan Bedford
Evan Bedford(@quixotic)
3 years ago

Yup, a truly great video.

Bryan Dickerson
Bryan Dickerson(@pdxbryan)
3 years ago

I wonder how many of us were surprised, after hearing the eloquent dialogue and seeing the artful views of the Ferrari, to see the owner – a man wearing a turban! I LOVE it when stereotypes are blown away and prejudices revealed, my own included! Thank you Petrolicious and Jas. Wonderful video!
I thoroughly enjoyed watching the daughter’s excitement sitting in the driver’s seat. Can you imagine that day when she finally snicks the lever into the first gear gate and eases out the clutch…….

Paul Steel
Paul Steel(@steely)
3 years ago

Really nice video, great car, great owner, nice story, interesting information, thanks to Jazz and Petrolicious for bringing it to us, one of the best.

Alexandre Goncalves
Alexandre Goncalves(@cacem)
3 years ago

Lovely! Just lovely! Everything has already been said below !

Time to wish you all, Petrolicious, and Mr Jazz (and his family) a Merry Christmas.

Regards from Portugal

3 years ago

Oh, that was wonderful 9 minutes and a change! Thanks you, really made my day!

Casual Observer
Casual Observer(@casual-observer)
3 years ago

So well spoken. Lovely man and family. Wonderful car. Most enjoyable video. Thank you!

Scott Morse
Scott Morse(@wsmmd1)
3 years ago

Great story.
Thanks for sharing.
Drive long and prosper!

Kurt Uzbay
Kurt Uzbay(@kurt)
3 years ago

Jazz is a class act…
well done, all around… Kurt

Christer Lundem
Christer Lundem(@christer)
3 years ago

I am lost for words… Nothing gives me bigger goosebumps than listening to the sound of the Ferrari F40. I have been lucky enough to drive it and everything this gentleman says is true. What a great guy and how he is sharing his passion with his family. I was really touched and felt sentimental after looking at this video. One of your best, or maybe even the best! Congratulations Afshin and the team!

3 years ago

I am not sure what I liked more, the intimate view of the car or the passion this gentleman has for it.

Tony Karnezis
Tony Karnezis(@spartacus)
3 years ago

Man, what a video. An Italian car, built with Japanese, German, and American technology, driven by a Sikh, in America, for the pleasure of himself, his family, and shared with the automotive community. Storybook.

Matt Gerken
Matt Gerken(@matt_gerken)
3 years ago

What a well spoken and well done commentary!!! I saw the F40 at Ferrari’s museum in Medina (this was the older and much smaller museum of the 90’s) and what struck me was how the F40 was the centerpiece car without have the place of honor in the museum. It was the silent giant that you were drawn to despite all the other incredible cars. Well done!!!!

MARK JONES(@markljones78)
3 years ago

What a gentleman! A lovely car story.