Films: 5 Minutes Of Pure Porsche 718 RS 60 Hillclimb Bliss
| S E1
This 1957 Aston Martin Mk III Is Perfectly Awful
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5 Minutes Of Pure Porsche 718 RS 60 Hillclimb Bliss

Here’s Derek Bell on one of his first runs on a closed section of Sicilian tarmac
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4 years ago

At film point 2:25,we see some terrific head slump,almost like a compression slam. My only regret is the sound quality.. like it was done with the mike of a dictaphone . Thank you for this post and way to go Derek keeping fit enough to make that door climb so gracefully !

Erwan Brillot
Erwan Brillot(@starskeye)
5 years ago

This is ear-porn right?

5 years ago

There’s only one thing this video needed to make it better: Smell-O-Vision to complete the odors of the car and the beautiful countryside.


Thanks for the great content, Petrolicious crew!

5 years ago

Oh please!!! This was hardly a walk in th park…especially fo Derek Bell!!

Kenneth Geelhaar
Kenneth Geelhaar
5 years ago

I enjoyed watching Derek driving this incredibly unsafe car at seemingly high speeds around dangerous corners. It amazes me how video editing producers can romanticize driving cars from the past. Motor vehicle engineers today are so much smarter, when it comes to safety, than the engineers of the past. My advise to Derek is that the next time you take an antique speeding around corners at least make sure the vehicle has a shoulder harness, a roll bar, and new safer tires. Life is a precious gift! Kudo’s to the producers for making a film that is fun to watch.

Redlinewins (@redlinewins)
5 years ago

Very very cool!

What’s up with the steering wheel?

Robert in LA
Robert in LA(@robert-in-la)
5 years ago
Reply to  Redlinewins

Do you mean with the hand position at 10 and 2, and never changing it even when his arms were crossed?

Alexandre Goncalves
Alexandre Goncalves(@cacem)
5 years ago

Now that’s a really long 2nd gear – only at 2.25 did he change gears…


5 years ago

There were a few moments on the way to 2.25 that my brain played tricks on me and I thought if this could be an auto stuck in gear. Didn’t seem real. On second watch, I caught the 1 to 2 gear change in the first few seconds. Nothing like a long second gear pull!

Andy van der Raadt
Andy van der Raadt(@araadt)
5 years ago

I’m amazed by just how much work he did in 2nd.

Andrew Salt
Andrew Salt(@nacl)
5 years ago

I would love to have been sitting there next to him.

Robert Hiermeier
Robert Hiermeier(@robhimes)
5 years ago

This was totally cool, I am envious.

5 years ago

So glad you posted this! Absolutely love it! Derek still has it and that little beauty sounds and moves incredibly.