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Jarel Built: Slot Cars

For your inner 5-year old or your actual one, Mark Jarel makes slot car dreams come true
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2 years ago

Any chance someone in the San Francisco Bay Area has a slot car track ?
One who is willing to share the experience with a father and son (10yrs old).
My son has repeatedly watched this Jarel Built: Slot Cars video.

Or option TWO:
Is there a place that is open to the public for slot cars, just like the good ole days?

Or option THREE:
Anyone willing to sell their set?
I kinda want the classic set, not the one available on Amazon, etc.

Or Option FOUR:
Asked Jarel to build one. Luv too, but I have to opt for my sons braces over a slot car track.

No offense to Jarel and his crew. If had the extra cash, I certainly would commission a build. The passion he puts into to every track build can never be replicated, therefore making his slot car track builds a work of art.
3 years ago

Just amazing and passion to do what some one likes I enjoyed the video thanks

Bryan Dickerson
Bryan Dickerson
4 years ago

Petro’s blurb says “for your inner 5 year old”. I don’t know about that. Which shows a higher maturity level, traveling long distances to spend thousands (or millions) of dollars to race cars or stay at home with good friends and friendly competition while enjoying a tiny carbon footprint? Just askin…….

4 years ago

I got a job lot of 4 lane track and misc bits once years back, enough track to go all through my downstairs space, and a bunch of cars, including 2 great mini ha-ha cars (they do a 360), wonderful.

Paul Bilek
Paul Bilek
4 years ago

These details and craftsmanship are absolutely amazing!

Dennis White
Dennis White
4 years ago

Boy, some memories of my Dad (not exactly Mr. Warm and Fuzzy!) bringing home a British Scalextric set at Christmas 1960 for my brothers and me, and how we added and made a great circuit for a number of years. Wish I had the set today! Love this!

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