Films: Episode 1: The Everest Myth - Peking to Paris
MEMBER SERIES: Peking to Paris | S1 E1
2002 Ducati 998: The Boomerang
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Episode 1: The Everest Myth – Peking to Paris

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MEMBER SERIES: Peking to Paris
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2 years ago

Beautifully done video series as always. however…
The first 7/8 episodes of this series are spent talking about who they are, who the people are that worked on the car, who his family are etc… i’m surprised that the dog didn’t get its own episode. The series only became interesting when they started talking about the car and what they had done to it, but then they only spent 5 minutes on that.
At 10 minutes per episode and with 12 episodes, it has literally been 2 hours and they haven’t even got to the start of the rally!
Much more content was and is needed on what was done to the car, why, what parts were chosen, why, what difficulties did they come across, what other options were explored etc…

Another constructive point – 10% of each episode is the introduction. this should have been shortened down to 5-10 seconds after the first episode.

John Lopez
John Lopez(@john_lopez)
2 years ago
Reply to  Paul

Agree wholeheartedly!

Sebastian Sergio Malara (jeby)
Sebastian Sergio Malara (jeby)(@sebastian_sergio_malara_jeby)
2 years ago

Guys, this is amazin and EPIC! Is there any way to cast member series to bigger screen, i.e. to TV via chromecast or similar?
Thank you!

Bryan Dickerson
Bryan Dickerson(@pdxbryan)
2 years ago

What an epic thing to do!
One little quibble about this episode: When Kurt expounds on the reasons he chose to drive the 912, the film goes into a long sequence showing him driving his 911T. Just kind of odd.

Peter Hemm
Peter Hemm(@peter_hemm)
2 years ago

Inspiring story and beautifully done video – thank you!

Paul Bilek
Paul Bilek(@pbindesign1)
2 years ago

Love this new series! Can’t wait to see more of this story and event.

Mark Trowbridge
Mark Trowbridge(@mark_trowbridge)
2 years ago

Two great guys. We in car 54 appreciated their friendship along the great journey of the P to P. Series captures who Derek an Kurht are as people and competitors. Looking forward to more adventures.