Films: Ferrari 328 GTS & Porsche 914: Prizes Of The Hunter
Made To Drive | S1 E1
Volkswagen Beetle: Kindred Spirits
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Made To Drive | S01 E23

Ferrari 328 GTS & Porsche 914: Prizes Of The Hunter

The Hunter
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Made To Drive
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4 years ago

if you really love that car dont burry it with you it will just kill the car.

John Papalardo
John Papalardo(@johnp)
8 years ago

Love the video and understand 100\% the obsession with finding daily driven classics. I spend some of my time on Craigslist, but also take advantage of sites like [url=””]BringaTrailer [/url]and [url=””]DailyTurismo[/url]. Takes some of the effort out of the hunt…but i do enjoy just surfing around on craiglist or ebay. Great video as always!

Greg Treadway
Greg Treadway(@gregtreadway)
8 years ago

I met Joe a while back. What a great collection. I’d put my white 914-6 GT up against his red one any day. What a cool little car, great video of it in action.

8 years ago

“sometimes i just sit out there with a glass of wine after everyone else has gone to bed”

that’s it. that’s a car lover….

also, it looks like he has a grey market turd yellow range at the start of the video…c

can we get a land rover nut video at some point? maybe you could head to the NE to Martha’s Vineyard and find a Defender 110 owner.

Josh Clason
Josh Clason(@joshclason)
8 years ago
Reply to  cardyjones

Yes, most definitely! We have been working to find an old Land Rover to do a video on.

Zippy Gordon
Zippy Gordon(@zippygordon)
8 years ago

Loved it! Joe has the same boyhood enthusiasm about cars that’s inside of me.

Harps Sahota
Harps Sahota(@harps)
8 years ago

I like that he collects some of the “less loved” stuff, and looks like he works on it himself too.

Matthew Lange
Matthew Lange(@365daytonafan)
8 years ago

Great video as always, looked like a Ferrari 308 and an Austin Healey Frogeye Sprite in the background too?

Joe Sterling
Joe Sterling(@poorboysracing)
8 years ago

I think this video describes me perfectly (albeit with MUCH cheaper cars).

I love the hunt, I love the thrill of a new purchase. I love saying “I owned one of those”, and I love the different feeling and experience each individual car can give you.

Man I love cars 🙂

Rodney Wren
Rodney Wren(@wren)
8 years ago

So many car stories. I love it. I always look forward to Tuesdays and another video release. Well done.