Films: The Testarossa Presence
Made To Drive | S1 E1
Niche Business: Morris Minor Panel Van
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Made To Drive | S01 E17

The Testarossa Presence

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Made To Drive
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8 years ago

You guys should find an original TR……a 57. A video on one of those would be truly special. amazing lines. My favorite car of all time. ”Red Head”

Mat smith
Mat smith(@666tur)
8 years ago

A 12 cylinder boxer engine is special whatever the body looks like, no longer the bargain it was. I went to look at an early one with 6k miles for £40k about 6 years ago, the prices keep climbing and I have now missed my chance. I’d love an early single mirror one, I used to watch Miami vice just to see that Testarossa.

Roger Toba
Roger Toba(@rmt-1)
8 years ago

Great looking Testarossa, but I would like to know what model year ts is. I noticed those troublesome automatic shoulder belts and revised dual rear-view mirrors, so I’m sure it isn’t a 1986 model, which had that large, single driver-side mirror, but I just can’t remember when those features were added to the car by legal mandate here in the US. Also, did Canadian Testarossas and 512 TRs manage to avoid using those automatic belts and stay with the safer 3-point belts during their production run?

Ae Neuman
Ae Neuman(@fb_1293493178)
8 years ago

first of the really fugly big ferraris ?
shocked there was no mention of miami vice. 🙂
not my cuppa tea.
from this era i’d take a 911 turbo – now that was a much more usable supercar.

Matthew Lange
Matthew Lange(@365daytonafan)
8 years ago

I actually like the wheels which I think are from a 348? The owner has his facts wrong about the sales though. The 328 outsold the Testarossa despite being offered for 2 years less than the Testarossa was. Add in the 348 which was sold alongside the later 512TR and F512M derivatives of the Testarossa and the gap widens. It is the best selling 12 cylinder Ferrari AFAIK although I don’t have the sales figures for the 599?

Also curious why the switch from Vimeo to you tube for the video hosting?

Josh Clason
Josh Clason(@joshclason)
8 years ago
Reply to  Matthew Lange

We haven’t been completely happy with Vimeo and feel there is more opportunity on Youtube.

Michael Hinckley
Michael Hinckley(@mhinckley)
8 years ago

A poster of this next to Christie Brinkley on my teenage wall.

Terrence Dorsey
Terrence Dorsey(@tpdorsey)
8 years ago

The TR has never been to my taste, but I vividly remember the first time we saw one at the SF Auto Show back in the early ’80s. My friend and I walked behind the car, kneeled down to get a good look at the the whole thing – tires, suspension, the whole rear treatment – and just laughed out loud at how outrageously purposeful it looked. Just hugely wide tires for the time, underneath that expanse of fender and engine lid. I didn’t love it, but certainly appreciated it.

Luc Bonachera
Luc Bonachera(@lubo)
8 years ago

I prefer the original wheels…

Alec DeJovani
Alec DeJovani(@250berlinetta)
8 years ago

Never been a big fan of the Testarossa. I prefer its predecessor, the 512BB. Stil neat though and its still got that 12 cylinder sound.