Films: These Chevrolet Impalas Are A Lifelong Obsession
Made To Drive | S5 E1
The Triple Nickel is More Than a Motorcycle
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Made To Drive | S05 E21

These Chevrolet Impalas Are A Lifelong Obsession

“How can you spend 12 hours out there and work on those things all day?” Don Rogers’ wife will sometimes ask, to which he replies, “The day just flew by…I don’t know what happened.”With a love for the iconic Chevrolet Impala, Rogers’ garage is filled with two, both ’64 models. One is a hardtop, the other a convertible. What makes Rogers a bit different from most enthusiasts, however, is that he does all of the work on his cars himself.
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Made To Drive
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Gary Drew
Gary Drew
6 years ago

Another engaging video that gives a peek inside the world of the vast range of different types of ‘car guys’ – their background, skills, objectives for enjoying the car etc. Great also to see a glimpse of their local roads and landscape where the cars are used. I can see why Mr Rogers enjoys a 4-speed manual transmission in his cars!

PS. [head above the parapet] would love to see this car carving the turns on a set of these wheels … if it was my car 😉

Emanuel Costa
Emanuel Costa(@genovevo)
6 years ago

Great video, great guy, fantastic scenery, cool looking cars. Some of these guys just like to trash in their comments…

Olem Podlap
Olem Podlap(@podlap)
6 years ago

Am I really on Petrolicious ??
Why do they show Snoop Dogg’s car ??!
Oh , no, this is the car of a grandpa who has restored it itself …
Curious !

The work looks well done … but why has he invested so much time to get such a result ?
And what does this car on Petroliciuous: are those rims really tastefull ?
Maybe for a bad big action movie for frustrated males, but they can’t concern the gentlemen drivers that we are, isn’t it ?

I really hope this is only an exception just to fill a hole in the normal course of things and I hope that in the years to come Petrolicious will not be referenced for google searches about tuning , hot rods and other kind of lowriders …

Stop [i]Fast&Petrolicious[/i], long live Petrolicious !

Keith Kenitzer
Keith Kenitzer(@p912guy)
6 years ago

The epitome of the Petrolicious tag line….Drive Tastefully! Well done Don Rogers.

6 years ago

I couldn’t agree more. The satisfaction of driving my cars and knowing my hands put the brakes, suspension, and engine in their proper state of tune is very strong. My daily driver was sitting in a field with a blue tarp over it. I drove by it for almost two years before stopping. It took six months to get it up to par. I catch myself sometimes doing work that is premature, just to be working on the car. Besides, doesn’t everybody’s car run better after an oil change?

Tom DesRochers
Tom DesRochers(@brown76)
6 years ago

This is pretty close to what I plan on doing with my Ford. These Impalas always bring a smile to my face because of Cheech and Chong.

Scott Morse
Scott Morse(@wsmmd1)
6 years ago

Another great piece of film making.
Thanks Petrolicious, and thanks Don

Guitar Slinger
Guitar Slinger(@gtrslngr)
6 years ago

OK .. not to be pedantic or anything but these are not ‘ restorations ‘ . What they are is the very epitome of Mild Resto – Mods of which I am a major advocate of [ in all genres ] : from the motors – to the suspensions and right on down to the brakes .

Resto – Mods

Now … three cheers to the man for ; Doing all his own work – Doing such a damn fine job of it – Driving and enjoying the cars once he’s built them – and more importantly him bringing up the age old adage ;

” If you’re not willing to crash it , you’re not willing to drive it ”

Not to mention exemplifying Big Sid’s* words of wisdom ;

” Stock is a can of Beans on a Shelf ”

So two thumbs up Petrolicious for exposing another very fine example of the Resto – Mod philosophy .

But errr … lets call em what they are ; Resto – Mods . The video is nicely done by the way . Not an all time best but very nicely done .

* PS; Too bad Big Sid [ Vincent M/C legend ] passed away . He and his son’s shop would of made for a fantastic video of which I could of provided some serious assistance with . Sigh .