Films: These Datsun 240Zs Are Animals To Drive
Made To Drive | S4 E1
Lamborghini Owner Enjoys Urraco Despite Traumatic Bond
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Made To Drive | S04 E18

These Datsun 240Zs Are Animals To Drive

The only thing rarer than the sight of a Datsun 240Z in the English countryside is the sight of two 240Zs in the English countryside. Spend enough time on the backroads of Kent, however, and chances are Mel Streek and his son, Ollie, will scream past you in their pair of Z cars.
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Made To Drive
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Felix Trzetrzelewska
Felix Trzetrzelewska
4 years ago

And kudos on the James Hunt shirt, lad

Phil Ray
Phil Ray(@praycer)
6 years ago

All Datsun 240Zs can be added to the growing registry on Facebook at

6 years ago

This video and these cars are incredible. I fell in love with the car when it first came out and have all the original ads. Watching this 240Z video was like looking at an old boyfriend that I never quite got over, emotionally bitter sweet. My first car was a 240Z, I had a total of 4 240Zs over the years, restored 2 from the frame up, and even had a FairLady Z (right hand drive) in Japan … Ollie, don’t ever sell that car!!

Chris Jeffs
Chris Jeffs(@fb_505990819)
7 years ago

Big fan of videos that makes you immediately check Autotrader to see whether you can pick one up in your local area!
Fantastic looking cars and good to see some fellow Brits representing their passion and the joys of driving in the English countryside. Another great Petrolicious video 🙂

Matthew Lange
Matthew Lange(@365daytonafan)
7 years ago

Nice to see a father and son both enjoying classic cars together.

Fraser Wright
Fraser Wright(@fb_672759427)
7 years ago

My only disappointing aspect is that these are LHD US imported cars to the UK in recent years. It is all a bit artificial.

7 years ago
Reply to  Fraser Wright

So, if they were back in the USA they would be ok? I guess all LH drive cars in the UK are also artificial? Well if that is your only complaint it’s probably your issue not theirs. Good luck to them as they drive one of the true Japanese classics.

I bought one new – a genuine 125mph car and a hoot to drive. Unfortunately I was forced off the road, end for ended it 5 times and barrel rolled another 3. I was told it looked spectacular and it did end up about the size of a micro car. But I walked away unmarked which says a lot about it.

7 years ago
Reply to  Fraser Wright

Were you not listening?! The lad, Ollie, clearly states that he purchased his Z in Copenhagen … Which is in Denmark! Which is nowhere near the US! Jeeeeez!
And, besides, what makes a left-hand-drive car in Briitain ‘artificial’?! Some of the greatest handling cars ever were only available in left-hand-drive, even in the UK. The Lancia Intergrale and the original E30 M3 being two of them. They sure as hell weren’t ‘artificial’!

Steve Fitz
Steve Fitz(@monovich)
7 years ago

Such cool cars. I’ll admit to not appreciating them enough over the last decade but in the last two or three years as I’ve started liking older cars vs newer cars these 240z’s keep looking more and more beautiful. There is an orange one at a shop near where I get burgers and it drives me crazy just looking at it sitting there, especially in orange.

7 years ago
Reply to  Steve Fitz

I think they are stunning. That one is no different! Good find!

Dustin Rittle
Dustin Rittle(@mosler)
7 years ago

Another great video Petrolicious. I kinda forgot how good these Datsun Z-cars could sound when throttled around a corner. I do really enjoy the contrast between the rough and pretty looking cars.