Films: This Porsche 356 Speedster Puts Family First
Made To Drive | S6 E1
The Howmet TX: Rethink Everything
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Made To Drive | S06 E07

This Porsche 356 Speedster Puts Family First

In the fourth generation of a family of coachbuilders, Rosita grew up surrounded in every way by cars, from the Ferraris her mechanic father picked her up from school in, to the toy cars he brought home for his children. Thing is, even though the family worked on primarily Italian cars, her father's true love was with Porsche.
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Made To Drive
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4 years ago

I’m nearly running to my travel agent to line up flight to Italy.. I’ll find this family and invite them to town for a support so we can sit and share this love for classic lines and getting the wind thru our hair. .. I’ll offer to be their shop boy, scrubbing down the old concrete of grease and changing over light bulbs,wiping down every tool handle,finally graduating to chief engine detailer & errand runner which i’ll do on my Vespa,packing a whicker basket full of fruit,cheeses,dried meats and the local grapes, olive oil and a loaf of fresh sour dough.. to return to the family shop where I’ll slice up some garlic,mix up the veggies with olives and we’ll settle into the grass behind the shop for a long lunch under the warm Tuscan afternoon sky. I give this film hind-legged provo’s !! Ciao & with love to Petrol !

Wil Rodriguez
Wil Rodriguez(@wilrod)
6 years ago

Hi! Without a doubt, Petrolicious produces excellent videos and articles. I must, however, take eception to this 356 as well as to the so called ‘Tribute’ cars.
The 356 in guestion appears to be far from a legitimate Speedster. It looks like a cobbled up car from different 356 bits and pieces. Even the so-called close ratio gearbox does not sound like it at all. I suggest you check serial numbers. So, please be careful with the cars you present.
The same applies to the so-called ‘Tribute’ cars. They are nothing but uninspired imitations of someone else’s car. For heaven’s sake, have them build their own idea or paint scheme instead of creating a look-alike, wanna-be.
So,once again, Petrolicious, be careful and legitimize the cars you present. Otherwise, you spoil a great publication and accompanying videos – of which you have many superb ones.
Thanks – Wilrod

Henry James
Henry James(@fb_10153522569228213)
6 years ago

Wow… The gear changing and bad timing/plugs are ruining this car. Piston slap around every corner and up every hill… She really needs to look after this piece of art a little better. the way she goes around a corner in 3rd and remains there is hilarious.

Gonsalves Edson
Gonsalves Edson(@fb_1084630268215540)
6 years ago

It has a romantic film in which the actor Aaron Eckhart drives a Porsche 356 C. Does anyone know ??

scott fackert
scott fackert(@smf63)
6 years ago

Dear Creators – Your archive of mechanical/artistic/human/hypnotic video fusions are masterful!
Regardless of the marque & reinforcing owner narration (a potent content combination) when I hit play, I am at once immersed, stimulated and sedated.

What a Wondrous octane you have alchemized!

Thank you!

Scott Martin
Scott Martin(@dropheadcoupster)
6 years ago

I love the way these video’s are shot and intercut with the owner. Lingering shots and details of the settings (it’s great to see all the stuff in the garages and offices, that some might see as clutter!). In this one, that shot of her coming up the road and going around the hairpin- Lovely!
I’ve learned that when a new sub-titled video comes out, I have to watch it twice- once for the story, and again just to focus on the great images. The price of getting old LOL, but the interest stays young.

Michael Roblin
Michael Roblin(@michaelspeed)
6 years ago

What a great vid… I love her passion for the old cars, especially Number Uno!

Gary Crutchley
Gary Crutchley(@gary230sl)
6 years ago

These videos are fantastic. The passion, the sound, the music and of course, the cars.

Guitar Slinger
Guitar Slinger(@gtrslngr)
6 years ago

I’m loving [ or should that be Louvin … ] the soundtrack as well … though it kind of doesn’t go along with the culture if you catch my drift

Scott Allen
Scott Allen(@scottallen)
6 years ago

That is an unusual car….1959 on the inside and like 1963 on the outside. I like it. I like it better than my own car….which is a 63 cabriolet, silver with blue interior. It has me thinking I should modify my car. Number 1 looks lightweight, mine looks heavy.
You couldn’t get closer to my kind of video! thank you.

By chance is that Lago di Endine in the background? It looks exactly like a spot on a lake that I parked in about 2 months ago.

Guitar Slinger
Guitar Slinger(@gtrslngr)
6 years ago
Reply to  Scott Allen

Uh ohhhh … sounds like we may have us a genuine hotrod/custom/resto mod / outlaw convert in the making . Seriously though before doing a race replica have a good look at the original ” OutLaw ” 356 . Dean Jeffries little beauty from err … the late 50’s

And err … welcome to the club.. the air’s a bit thin up here but its a whole lot fresher and cleaner

Alexandre Goncalves
Alexandre Goncalves(@cacem)
6 years ago
Reply to  Guitar Slinger

I was thinking about that too – all that slide guitar is more reminiscent of an old muscle crossing the desert than a 4 cilinder in Europe, still, nice soundtrack!

Dennis White
Dennis White(@alfa66)
6 years ago

Like others, this “old world” video is just wonderful in so many ways. Makes you want to run out and jump into your classic and just take off! Thanks you guys!