If You Don't Buy This Acura NSX, I Will

The car: 1991 Acura NSX

Price: $26,500

Location: San Diego, California, USA

Original Ad: Click here

Today, Acura builds V6 sedans with over 300 horsepower, but when this 1991 NSX was built, 300 horsepower from a V6 was a revelation. So was a mid-engined Japanese exotic–even more so with Honda DNA, which meant it was easy to live with. Its design and styling didn’t play second fiddle to Ferrari either. We love these cars at Petrolicious and more than one of us have our eyes on NSXes. So, please somebody buy it or we'll have to!

A total of 18,685 NSXs were built from 1991 to 2005, with 3,163 built for the U.S. market for 1991 alone. This San Diego-based ’91 is claimed to be damage and accident-free with a clear title. Both the original paint and interior are in excellent condition, with the cosmetics in comparable shape. NSX motors have a reputation for needing to be resealed, and the seller says this one didn’t require it but it was done as a preventative maintenance measure 7k miles ago, which included new gaskets, hoses, and upgraded cooling system. Fumes are directed through a Comptech full cat-back exhaust with test pipes. The suspension has been upgraded to a full TEIN coil-over system with Enkei Racing Wheels (like the NSX-R) on all four corners. For you audiophiles, a new Alpine system is always there for when you’re sitting in Southern California traffic. The odometer reads 161k miles, which sounds like a lot but, remember, this NSX has received great care since birth. For the price, this NSX is a great bargain that shouldn’t induce headaches from $2000 oil changes. Save us, please buy it!

Editor's note: I'm not fooling around, I really liked this car and wanted to check it out. However upon contacting the seller, he informed me that he would not be allowing any test drives. I'm not sure who would spend roughly $25,000 on a car without driving it first (especially with over 160k miles on the clock), so proceed with caution.

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