Journal: 5 Instagrammers Worth Following: November 24th Edition

5 Instagrammers Worth Following: November 24th Edition

By Alex Sobran
November 24, 2017

If you’re still in a daze brought on by a stomach full of gravy and would rather stay home and horizontal today as opposed to being body checked by a maniac at Best Buy, spend some time with this week’s crop of Instagram photographers instead. And if you’re in Europe or anywhere else that’s tired by turkey talk by now, catch up on last week’s edition to get a distinctly European flavor. This time around we’re going international again, with content creators from Japan, the United States, Europe, and Thailand. I hope you enjoy the group we’ve put together.

911 Racer’s Instagram page certainly does have its crop of Porsches, but it would be a mistake to dismiss this as a model-specific collection of photos instead of the huge mixture of machinery that you’ll find. Located in Japan, the cars he shoots reflect the diversity of the country’s vintage car scene. There is a healthy balance between modern classics and their predecessors, but perhaps more intriguing is how this diversity also extends to the locations. It’s not like these are all professional and staged shots, but they show so many slices of city and country life, and that makes them infinitely more compelling.

Stuart Adams’ time as a motorsport photographer is counted in decades rather than years, and if you missed his article on those experiences, then I’m happy to introduce you to him here. His images are technically sound and his post-processing is carried out in a clean and minimal fashion, and they are imbued with a weightiness and a sense of importance. They are moments of motion frozen in time, but he preserves their kinetic energy by capturing these machines in the midst of their effort, when they are straining both for and against friction.

Izaac Brook doesn’t discriminate in what he shoots, and you’ll find his portfolio of crisp photos featuring the dream cars of every adolescent and adult born in the last century. He seems equally interested in modern record-breakers as he is drawn to the icons of ’60s GT greats, and he presents both from the perspective of someone who truly loves them. What I mean by that is wherever Izaac is, he is clearly scouring every side street and square inch of even the spectator lots to find his subjects; from cars perched on the edges of Pebble Beach to the Cars & Coffees on the other side of the country.

In contrast to the above, Korn Thongtour’s Instagram page KornBrownHouses is more or less dedicated to his two air-cooled Porsches. Which of course is more than fine with us—early Porsches never get old, an axiom that’s especially true when their lives are documented as beautifully as this pairs’. Street-parked in the city of Bangkok or exploring the jungled areas of far fewer people, his 912 and the burst of Bahama Yellow that is his 911E are given a lot of attention and use, and they’re living full lives thanks to this enthusiast. Besides the cars, the photos of them are at times outstanding and at times purely documentary, but they’re all worth a look.

The structures shown in Jeroen Peters account appear alien and unreal set against the nondescript but unnatural blue sky backgrounds—they look more like the CAD fantasies of an ambitious architecture student than something that obeys the laws of physics, but these are realities, and Peters travels around Europe to find these exotic forms that we use for our lives, our work, and our entertainment. He takes already ambitious architecture and through his carefully composed photography, manages to infuse all this stone and metal and plastic with even more drama. His photos always complementary though, and he has a great eye for how to play off of their shapes.

You know the drill, come say hi on the official Petrolicious Instagram if you’re looking for more of our photographic content, or if you just want to see what our friends are up to around the world.

Have you been to the Petrolicious Marketplace lately? It’s a revolving door of sports cars, classic off-roaders, beach cruisers, grand tourers, and every other cut of classic out there. Window shoppers welcome!

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