Travel: A Day Among Legends At Concorso Italiano

A Day Among Legends At Concorso Italiano

By Shayan Bokaie
August 31, 2015

Concorso Italiano introduced me to the supercar. As a young child, there were always Alfa Spiders, GTVs, and BMW 2002s bouncing around my house. I was aware these cars were more special than neighborhood minivans and such, but never understood they were a beachhead into the true “top shelf” delicacies—until I went to Concorso Italiano for the first time.

Miura. Lusso. Berlinetta. Daytona. Stradale.

These were absolutely mind boggling to see as a 6 year old. Every modern supercar poster I had in my room was quickly torn off the walls, and replaced with any Italian thoroughbred from ’60s.

This nostalgia quickly made Concorso Italiano a family tradition, which I have enjoyed for the last 24 years of my life. However, this year was my first time attending with Petrolicious and a media credential (fancy, I know). I am no hardcore automotive writer, but I have seen this event through good and bad years and several different locations, so my focus this year was to take a step back and summarize what Concorso has to offer, both good and bad.

Let’s start with the pros, first: there’s something for everyone. Some people do, in fact, enjoy looking at new cars (strange, I know). All joking aside, you don’t always get to see a brand’s heritage laid out in such detail very often, so it’s nice to take a stroll through time.

Click throught to the Petrolicious Guide To Monterey Car Week Presented by Michelin to continue reading and see full gallery. 

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