Journal: A Petrolicious Photographer Has Been Named “Young Photographer Of The Year” By Renault!

A Petrolicious Photographer Has Been Named “Young Photographer Of The Year” By Renault!

By Ted Gushue
December 11, 2015

It is with a warm and hearty congratulations that we are celebrating our friend Jayson Fong’s recent victory as one of the most talented young automotive photographers of the year, as chosen by Renault. Needless to say, Jayson has been an absolute champion to work with, and above all else has embodied what it means to Drive Tastefully both behind the lens and in front. 

Have a look at the image that garnered Renault’s attention (pictured above), and of course, a selection of his work that has appeared on our pages over the last few years.

Cheers, Jayson!

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MarvinI Watkins
MarvinI Watkins(@marvini_watkins)
6 months ago

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1 year ago

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Avinda Perera
Avinda Perera(@dimitries115)
6 years ago

And it wasn’t a Renault that won him the award…..brilliant! Well deserved! great photos!

6 years ago

Congratulations Jayson – great photos and I really hope the award does what it should for your career. As an enthusiastic amateur these are just the sort of shots I’d love to capture!

Clayton Merchant
Clayton Merchant(@mgcam)
6 years ago

Congratulations Jayson and what an incredible photo!

I looked at that picture and just thought “man that shot just exudes all the raw anger of a race car”, glowing rotors, dragging the unnecessary exhaust, headers blasting away, driving lights piercing the darkness, all headed for its ultimate goal, to win!

Beautiful shot and accolades well earned.

6 years ago

Congrats Jayson! Good luck to you in the future!

Michael Mauro