Gear: Art Deco French Exotica Ads Make Bold Statements

Art Deco French Exotica Ads Make Bold Statements

By Petrolicious Productions
June 27, 2013

High-end French luxury and sports cars of the 1930s exemplify everything we love about old automobiles. Built as road-going pieces of performance art, these machines were built on a cost-is-no-object basis with cutting-edge art and fashion as influences in their designs. Art Deco and Art Nouveau were at their peak, and beyond dictating the physical forms of these grand machines, these movements also played a huge role in their advertising, making for arguably the most refined and beautiful sales posters ever created.

This week we’re highlighting two brands in particular, Bugatti and Delage, the crème de la crème of 1930s Continental motoring. These reprints are elegant enough to display proudly in any home, and are likely examples of the only kind of car-themed art allowed in the home of a non-bachelor. Many are quite large, so be sure you’ve got sufficient space and are prepared to spend several hundred dollars for framing. Provided those aren’t concerns, we can’t think of a better welcoming statement to first-time home visitors, aside perhaps from an actual 20-foot-long dual cowl phaeton in contrasting pastels parked in the driveway.

Click the following links for more details on purchasing these posters: Delage 1, Delage 2, Bugatti 1, Bugatti 2, Bugatti 3.

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