Journal: Cars & Coffee: Trancas Country Market, 6.4.2017

Cars & Coffee: Trancas Country Market, 6.4.2017

Alex Sobran By Alex Sobran
June 5, 2017

Photography by Alex Sobran

Thankfully, the nature of Southern California’s “June Gloom” was only meteorologic yesterday, as the gray skies and fine salty mist were clearly not a deterrent to those in attendance at our favorite local Cars & Coffee—just ask anyone who arrived at 7AM to find a full crowd and a rapidly waning overflow lot at Trancas Country Market in Malibu. And while the monochrome dome above made for less-than-ideal photo conditions, the throngs of people and their machines more than made up for it.

We’ve shared the first Sunday of the month’s meet at Trancas a handful of times in the past, but each iteration is a worthy standalone stuffed with the kind of automotive variety that’s made the format so popular. In keeping, I’ve tried to cull a unique selection of cars to show just how far the spreads here can be, and a single glance reveals just how wide the spectrum is; that car over there, the one that didn’t exist last year, the one with unholy horsepower, it’s parked directly across from another celebrating its 70th birthday. Typical.

It’s legitimately hard to imagine a time before Cars & Coffees made their worldwide ascendence, and I think we should all be grateful that we’re living in the best era of “the car show.” Sure, motorsport can be considered a sterilized shadow of what it once was, and modern vehicle design certainly leaves desire on the table (though the P1 GTR down below has something to say about that), but we have our own claim: this is the best time there’s ever been to share our enthusiasm for it all, past and present: these are free events that rival concours. And on that note, please remember to be courteous with the noise level. After all, nobody is impressed at anyone’s ability to cold-start a car and bounce it off the limiter. Of course, the large majority exemplifies respect, so let’s all make sure these things can keep populating our calendars.

We love meeting new people and learning about, sharing, and discussing the vast array that comes together early on Sunday mornings, so if you have your own favorite version of such, share the love!

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How often does this cars&coffee take place?


The Renault Sport Clio V6, that’s not legal yet to import is it? What is up with California? I really wonder how much people can get away with if they have enough money. I mean, when I was visiting my sister in LA last year, I saw quite a few of Japanese and European cars that are too new to be imported under 25-year law (I spotted R34, Skoda Yeti, Ford SportKa, 2nd gen Cube (not the one we got in the US), Renault Megane, and Citroen DS3), but with proper California registration.


Someone please correct me if I’m wrong, but it is my understanding that US military personnel stationed abroad may bring back one vehicle purchased there with them upon returning to the states.

Bill Meyer
Bill Meyer

Thanks for the info on the Renault Clio V6. It does remind me of the original R5 Turbo mid engine car. I got a ride in one at an autocross in San Diego in the 80’s……..never forgot it.

Bill Meyer
Bill Meyer

What is the silver Renault parked by the Benz SUV??

Francois Cisco
Francois Cisco

Clio V6 (2 seats , mid engined clio)