Journal: Cars & Coffee: Louisville Kentucky 11.12.2016

Cars & Coffee: Louisville Kentucky 11.12.2016

By Ted Gushue
November 16, 2016

Photography by Corbin Miranda

All across the world, we petrolheads set our alarms for ungodly hours on Sunday mornings to drive what can be occasionally long distances, before arriving at empty parking lots to stand around and gawk at each other’s incredible garage escapees.

This last Saturday, Petrolicious reader (and incredibly talented young photographer) Corbin Miranda hit up his local C&C in Louisville Kentucky and came out with some incredible shots. While I wasn’t on the ground with him I’d encourage you to ask away in the comments about specific cars you see below. He may be able to help you out

As you see other notable Cars & Coffees in your area, drop us a line. Who knows, we just might show up.

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Blake Grady
Blake Grady
7 years ago

Great shots!

Dion Dunn
Dion Dunn
7 years ago

Best pics of my 912 ever taken. Nice shots!

7 years ago

Fantastic photos!