Journal: Cars & Coffee: Trancas Country Market, 8.6.2017

Cars & Coffee: Trancas Country Market, 8.6.2017

By Alex Sobran
August 7, 2017

Photography by Alex Sobran

From hindsight’s perspective, the Cars and Coffee format for automotive assemblies is a a no-brainer, and it’s become such a staple of the enthusiast’s weekend that recalling the time before its existence is difficult. Like so many things, the best results come from the simplest plans—in this case, bringing all kinds of people and cars together for a no-stakes show that still manages to compel an attendance worthy of any concours lawn or gravel.

The variety is undoubtedly a big factor in the appeal—where else will you find yellow Carrera GTs neighboring up to green Land Rovers?—but there is another side to this inclusivity. Beyond the simple capacities of the various shopping malls parking lots and convention centers that host these Sunday morning migrations, there is the degenerative behavior that emerges when the crowds swell enough to call to some peoples’ vanity; attempting burnouts after redlining a cold engine is often the death knell of a good show.

Thankfully, our favorite local edition of Cars and Coffee at Trancas Country Market hasn’t yet had the breach of maturity that’s folded so many other events like it, even as it’s continued to grow to the point where finding a spot to park where others might actually see your car requires an arrival time that’s edging ever closer toward the sun’s. The first Sunday of every month is pretty much the only time we’re ever happy to wake up early on a weekend, and we’re sure you have a similar situation.

So, did you attend a Cars and Coffee-type gathering this weekend? What do you think about the sustainability of these types of events? Is it inevitable that they reach a critical mass and then must be canceled and moved elsewhere for the cycle to repeat? If you attempt to trim the bad apples by making the thing exclusive, even in the slightest amount, do you squash what makes them worth saving in the first place? Anyway, I hope you enjoy our gallery from this month’s show, there was plenty to set an early alarm for.

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Dominick Toscano
Dominick Toscano(@dominick_toscano)
4 years ago

Since late spring I began attending Malibu cars & coffee bluffs park and trancas as well.I have found both to be somewhat well organized ,the Bluffs park being run by the city of Malibu employees ,all great folks,a mature crowd shows up with great cars,as well as complete car clubs ,like so cal AMG folks ,Ive been their 3-4 times and no nonsense that I could see,same with trancas a mature crowd, not interested in it would seem. The best part for me going is reading my 2 cherished vehicles,and that morning drive solo through Malibu canyon road at 530am sunday being at one with car especially the Spider is what its all about ,the drive,and at a safe pace ..going to trancas requires a ride along PCH north a few miles and last sunday I had it it all to myself and the Spider ,until the Packard conv pulled up and the guy waved,then the vintage vette,and he waved ,then the Ferrari and he waved,all to whom I tooted the alfas horn,and livened my pace to pull up to the Ferrari ,with a happy grin on my face,to be acknowledged by these others knowing were going to the same spot was a treat for me,then suddenly along our left the some porshes and other nwer exotics went flying by, that was kinda cool as well, they did it safely and pulled ahead of the Packard….was a great day ,the cars were great ,the folks were better ,as I met up with quite a few with the same interest as mine… with that ill keep attending these 2 and 1 other in the area ,as its safe ,with mostly like minded folks with more of an appreciating of the cars and their history ,rather then sterios and rubber patches …have yet to see CHP or local sheriffs involved in any disturbances…..!

Bill Meyer
Bill Meyer(@jack-straw)
4 years ago

Sorry to be a pessimist but it’s difficult to assume these gatherings will not come under more and more scrutiny from law enforcement and greedy municipal regulators who see a possible revenue stream from “permitting and licensing.”

As for the few morons who live for annoying burnouts (is there any other kind?) a funny guy said, “Ya can’t fix stupid.”

Christian Joseph
Christian Joseph(@cbj5259)
4 years ago
Reply to  Bill Meyer

I agree about the law enforcement scrutiny but that is easily policed by the attendees as long as they don’t make spectacles of themselves when leaving. As far as permitting and licensing goes…most if not all of these events are held in shopping center/mall parking lots and as such are private property. They need a license to have a cars and coffee event as much as anyone needs a license to have a party at their house…meaning they don’t. As long as there are enough parking spaces to accommodate all the cars there are no issues. Now, if the shopping center owner gets greedy and decides to start charging…

Alex G
Alex G
4 years ago

Great write up! Yes, Cars and Coffee is under threat by some of the hooligans that attend doing exactly what you mentioned, causing excessive noise, speeding away, dangerously turning out in traffic, blasting stereos, etc. Furthermore so many of these events have had so much of that behavior that even just getting to the event and leaving feels like running the gauntlet with cops posting up along the route to get there and entrances just waiting for someone to make a mistake. The constant police presence kills the mood a bit. Anyhow, great to see an event that hasn’t yet been ruined. Enthusiasts should continue to take it upon ourselves to keep each other in check.