Journal: GALLERY: Canepa Cars and Coffee Kicks Off Another Round Of Show Season

GALLERY: Canepa Cars and Coffee Kicks Off Another Round Of Show Season

By Performance Technic
April 12, 2017

Photography by Courtney Cutchen

The commencement of spring in California not only means that it’s time to bring the cars out for shows, but also as the season that signifies the start of monthly Cars and Coffee events at Canepa’s headquarters. For those who are unaware, Canepa is what I would call a bastion of automotive fantasy nestled quietly among the trees near Santa Cruz. It is at this enormous facility where some of the most influential and significant icons in automotive history come to be built, restored, maintained, sold, or displayed in the in-house museum. Canepa’s list of accomplishments is rather intimidating, however, the company is most commonly known as the first to pioneer the California-legal Porsche 959, or the “Canepa 959,” as they’re called.

This past weekend, April 8th marked the first Canepa edition of Cars and Coffee of the year. Naturally, everyone in attendance had eagerly awaited to secure their place in the parking lot. I arrived shortly after 7AM to find an already lengthy line of cars funneling into the quickly filling lot. While the rainy forecast prevented the full force of the usual crowd of Canepa fans from attending, there was still a worthwhile display to walk through.

Although Canepa specializes in cars of the classic nature, enthusiasts from all walks of style showed up for the meet. We saw everything from new Fords to weathered Morgans, so if you came for variety you likely left feeling satisfied with the selection. Please enjoy the following coverage of this Cars and Coffee, and stay tuned for more on Canepa in the coming months!

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Johannes Oppitz
Johannes Oppitz

My girlfriend’s dad has a Porsche Diesel Junior. So it made me smile when I went through the pics. But when I scrolled down, I had to laugh. A Trabant 601 in California! There are probably more 959s than 601s in the US.

Douglas Anderson
Douglas Anderson

I am totally smitten by the 1lucky51 Cadillac.
Since I can no longer drive a manual transmission, cars like that have been on my radar. Can anyone tell me more about that particular car ??

Scott A
Scott A

Adding more photos from the event


Always a great, eclectic collection. Not sure which is better, the cars we normal human beings bring to the event… or the truly extraordinary examples that his talented crew are working on inside the shop? If you haven’t been, make it a point (2nd Sat of the month). Besides, what could be better than a drive up or down Hwy 1 or through the lovely twisties of Hwy 9?

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