Gear: “Drive Tastefully” Vinyl Decals Are Now In The Petrolicious Shop

“Drive Tastefully” Vinyl Decals Are Now In The Petrolicious Shop

By Petrolicious Productions
April 1, 2016

“Drive Tastefully” has been our mantra since day 1, and we’ve been humbled and honored to still be driving tastefully with all of you, years later.

It’s time to spread the word, and finally offer something we’ve been prototyping for some time: “Drive Tastefully” die-cut vinyl decals. Now they’re ready for your car, in white, complete with a UV coating that the manufacturer says has “6 years of outdoor durability”—but we don’t recommend leaving your car (or stickers) outside for that long, anyway.

These new stickers have been performing well on our cars, and they were easy to apply, thanks to high-quality, solvent-based adhesive and the vinyl itself at a substantial (for a sticker, at least) 2.8 mm thickness.

What are you waiting for? Stick your favorite driving slogan onto your favorite driving machine.

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6 years ago

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