News: Ferrari NA To Celebrate Sixty Year Anniversary, Debut New Car

Ferrari NA To Celebrate Sixty Year Anniversary, Debut New Car

By Petrolicious Productions
October 7, 2014

This coming Sunday, October 12, Beverly Hills, California will play host to “RACE THROUGH THE DECADES 1954-2014,” a car show honoring Ferrari North America’s sixtieth birthday. It is a once-in-a-lifetime chance for fans, collectors, and owners alike to see one of the finest and largest collections of classic and racing Ferraris ever assembled.

Featuring a display of sixty of the most storied and spectacular Ferraris, including race-winning GTOs, 250 SWBs, Testa Rossas, an F50GT, and others. Additionally, Ferrari will be debuting a new, one-of-ten 60th Anniversary Commemorative vehicle. There will be virtual tours of the Museo Ferrari and a Tailor Made village of Ferrari’s partners.

Other Ferraris on display will include highlights such as icons made famous in Hollywood including the Ferrari 308 GTS (“Magnum, P.I.”), Testarossa (“Miami Vice”), and Mr. Steve McQueen’s Ferrari 275 GTB/4. And in case you missed Pebble Beach this year, don’t worry, the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance 2014 “Best in Show”-winning 1954 Ferrari 375 MM will also be featured at the exhibition.

The show will be held on the 200-400 blocks of the famed Rodeo Drive from 10AM through 5PM and we’ll be in attendance! Hope you can make it…

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Jack Campbell
Jack Campbell
8 years ago

where do i buy the drawing of the F50 GT

9 years ago

Source of the artwork?

Ian Miles
Ian Miles
9 years ago

Well TJ Martin you certainly take the prize for the strangest comments.
The current Ferrari range is ugly? Where are you looking. The 458, F12 and La Ferrari are absolutely beautiful. Compared to the 360, 430, Testerossa and other mingers they are not only the most beautiful Ferrari’s for a long time but also the best.
The whole Miami Vice Daytona is well known. The could not afford a real one and so made a fake one. Old news and hardly relevant to the 60th Anniversary show.
it should be quite a celebration.

TJ Martin
TJ Martin
9 years ago

Though the retrospective aspect of the show would be of interest I’m dreading the thought of what the new ” one of ten ” Cosmic Jellybean 60th commemorative model will look like . The hope being that it can’t get any uglier than the current models already are . The second and more realistic one being … yeah … I’ll bet they can … and in fact will .

[ And then there’s the upcoming ‘ Nightmare on Maranello Street ‘ that Stronzetto Marchionne is currently scripting for Ferrari to become an ‘ American ‘ car ]

On a side note . Anyone know the real story behind ” Crocket ” switching to a Testarossa mid run ? ( Miami Vice )

Here’s the skinny . The ‘ Daytona ‘ Crocket drove in the first couple of seasons in fact wasn’t . A ‘ Daytona ‘ that is . What it was was a Daytona kit car built on a Corvette . Thing was the scripts constantly referred to it as a Ferrari and the badge on its snout was in fact the ‘ Prancing Horse ‘ . When Ferrari SpA caught wind of it they threatened to sue both the network as well as the shows producers along with the makers of the phony kit car ‘ Daytona’ [ and in fact did in the end sue the kit car maker ]

In order to settle out of court rather than go thru a lengthy and embarrassing trial the shows producers and the network offered a deal to purchase several Testarossa’s [ at full retail ] to film all future episodes as well as a hefty cash settlement despite the fact that at the time Ferrari did not have a soft top in its line up that could feature ‘ Crocket’s ‘ coiffe and hearthrob face [ along with Crocket & Tubb’s clothing which several designers were paying a hefty fee to have featured .. forcing the series to offer up a discounted fee to said designers due to the loss of exposure with the hard top Testarossa ]

And that .. is how ‘ Sonny Crocket ‘ wound up driving one of the ugliest and most vulgar Ferrari’s of the past .. hard top and all . Which compared to todays ‘ Cosmic Jellybean ‘ travesties posing as Ferrari’s … was down right beautiful in retrospect

Ahhh .. truth … almost always stranger than the fiction that proceeded it

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