Journal: The Fiat 500 Visualized

The Fiat 500 Visualized

By Petrolicious Productions
April 30, 2013

In conjunction with our latest video featuring a yellow Fiat 500, and to share some more information about the happy little car’s history, we’ve created a graphic that is full of all kinds of interesting tidbits about the car. As for some interesting things about the car that aren’t mentioned in the graphic, did you know that starting the car was done by means of a pull-cable connected to a handle between the seats, or that the engine’s air-cooling fan supplied forced air directly into the carburetor intake—sort of a primitive, low-pressure supercharging?


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8 years ago

These little cars are actually really satisfying to drive. Despite the low power the engine is still eager and they do not feel slow inside most of the time. Biggest surprise is that the gearshift is one of the nicest gear changes out there – nice mechanical feel and satisfying to get right as you can feel the gears and time each shift to perfection. Obviously not one for a long trip on the open road but are still a great weapon in the city with incredible turning circle, can fit through gaps only motorbikes and cyclists can and get into car parks everyone else has to drive by. Oh, and did I mention not only great fuel consumption but with a low compression ratio you can just about piddle in the tank and the thing will run.

8 years ago

When I drive mine it makes me smile. It also makes other people smile. As long as your not in a hurry to get to your destination.
Simple, easy to drive. It gets more looks than a Ferrari.

Leucea Alexandru
Leucea Alexandru(@leuceaalexandru)
8 years ago

It can be practical too, here’s proof:

Rip Curl
Rip Curl(@nuvolari)
8 years ago

Some really cool data here but it could do with a few edits:

– Fiat 500’s had 12 inch wheels while original Mini’s had 10 inch ones
– Only the very early 500’s (N series cars 1957-59) had 13hp and 479cc. The bulk of production had the 499cc 17hp engine. The 13hp cars were just too slow while the 17hp cars could get up to 60mph…just.

These cars were a packaging marvel and Gordon Murray was a real fan of its layout and still has one himself today. Michael Schumacher was gifted one by Ferrari and calls it his favorite car while Top Gear Magazine voted it the ‘Sexiest Car Ever’

500’s are super cool.

Afshin Behnia
Afshin Behnia(@afshinb)
8 years ago
Reply to  Rip Curl

Thanks for the additional info!

500’s are super cool, indeed! How can anyone not smile when they see one?