Featured: The Ferrari Berlinetta Boxer Visualized

The Ferrari Berlinetta Boxer Visualized

By Petrolicious Productions
December 22, 2014

It’s been a while since we first shared Holger Schubert’s Ferrari 512 BBi, but as it’s the new year, we wanted to reflect on some of our favorite stories. So we’ve created a Petrolicious infographic that is chock full of interesting tidbits about the iconic car. For instance, did you know that only 387 of the first-generation 365BBs were ever built?

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3 years ago

He then gave it to his daughter who drove it until the late 90s or so, when it became just a bit too https://testmyspeed.onl/ unreliable for normal use.

9 years ago

The 512 BB is featured prominently in Calvin Harris’ We’ll Be Coming Back music video too, there’s another Porsche 911/912 in it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kPC_evpbwDM

9 years ago

Having owned and driven a 1983 512BBi since 1987, I hope that I have a few worthy observations about the Boxer.

Over the past few decades, especially when reading Brit magazine driving observations about the Boxer, I have repeatedly laughed about the supposed driveability and handling complaints that have been attributed to the higher center of gravity caused by the flat 12 engine crankshaft mass resting above the transaxle.

The BBi came with metric Michelin TRX tires that had mediocre technology and grip when new in the 1980’s with obvious grip worsening as the tires aged. Anyone-and especially an autowriter-driving the Boxer with TRX tires will be disappointed with the sudden cornering breakaway typical of the TRX, which only becomes worse with age. I can’t imagine how horrible the TRX grip would be after the 10 , 20, or possible 30 year age of original ancient tires or ancient replacements typically found on garage queens.

In 1989, I replaced my Boxer’s TRX wheels and tires with BBS wheels and began routine track tire upgrades every two or three years giving transformative handling results. Steady tire technology improvements have continued to improve the driving pleasure of the Boxer on street and track.

Because of the Boxer’s rear engine mass, the best training vehicle for driving the Boxer is a 1970’s or a 1980’s Porsche 911. Master throttle life oversteer typical of an earlier 911 and you have unlocked the secret driving pleasures of the Boxer. Driving the Boxer like a big 911 delivers incredible pleasure. Every earlier 911 owner who has driven my Boxer quickly especially at the track became enchanted. It is a delight to place, drive, and steer by throttle. The “Madness” complex at Mid Ohio is great fun when driven by throttle control like a 911.

I have loved this BBi for years and continue to drive it even in the God Forbid rain.

The only downside now is 1980’s brake technology, but I must accept that since I’m older and slower now too.

9 years ago

At the risk of sounding like an anorak.
Hp ratings for the various versions of boxer must be taken with a grain of saalt. The power drop from 365 to BBi is more one of tructh in emasurement, a 365 does have markedly shorter gearing and higher redline feeling more nippy, but lacking in torque.

A BBI can definitly manage more than 160, in fact a decently tuned one can happily break into the mid 170’s, ask me how I know, accleration in any boxer tapers off markedly around 145-150 due to aero drag. Even the R&T test of a heavily federlised BBI in the 80’s showed 166mph.

The racing carrear of the BBLm was marred by DNF’s mostly due to weak gearbox output shapft, the car was never fully developed. In historics properly developed they do great. A BBLM is essentialy not much more than a a stripped boxer. The weak link of boxer has been the gearbox and ferraris strange decsion to fit crapy tires. Nick Masons BBLM running race rubber has a 4 second lap advantage over his F40. In other words with a little development(modern rubber) and tuning(ignition and exhaust) a street boxer can easily perform on par with many moderns.

A 365 and 512 ore not idetical. Amongst other relevant details the 365 has an awkwardly short rear overhang, is wet sumped and lacks the fron airdam of the later cars, this makes it very light in the front end as speeds approcah 140, whereas a 512 or BBi just hunkers down the faster you go.

Hagar still has his BBI which tells you that once savored, you kinda nver let go of a good boxer, the same canr be said for daytonas, great as thye may be.

If you want a 70’s can am car for the raod, the boxer is it. Other than the 250lm there has not really been a ferrari like if before or since. like an aircooled 911 thye require skil to drive, but can dance like no other witht he right partner.. Its also one of the last ferrais designed without regard to legislation, so has that pure artistic shape moderns with their shock shapes lack.

To say they are stil,a bargain is an understatement.

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