Journal: From Paris To South Africa, Here's How To #drivetastefully

From Paris To South Africa, Here’s How To #drivetastefully

By Petrolicious Productions
June 24, 2015

One of the things we enjoy most about the #drivetastefully hashtag is that we never know what will pop into our feeds next. Usually, it defies our wildest dreams—this week alone, there’s a Ferrari 275 GTB/4 at l’Arc de Triomphe and a rare Simca Sport Océane!

A Ferrari 275 GTB/4 pointed at l’Arc de Triomphe courtesy of @aschots—what a stunning view of such an iconic place. @fybrun captures an Aston Martin DB5 in an ideal countryside setting (where’s our invite!?) Finally, @spitz17 says, “The best angle on a Z car.” Do you agree?

@dancali was able to take a photo of a most rare and beautiful car, the Simca Sport Océane. Two classic Minis from Serbia? Awesome! @zlilosh_ caught these two in the countryside. As @ahhhsborn says, “The golden hour” is right—stunning color on this Porsche 911.

@cliff_brunk shares this great shot of his Alfa Romeo on a rally, with cars from “@bringatrailer and @joshyrobots zooming past” as he says. We’re a bit envious of @london1966’s recent encounter with a BMW 2002, who says, “Got to drive one of my automobile idols today.” It looks like you enjoyed it!

Finally, @jethrojamesbronner shares a photo from his epic road trip that we’ll be following with interest. His caption is fantastic, too: “A last minute shakedown, and testing the new fuel tank. I have 135 Litres on board.”

Now go, and submit your photos on Instagram by tagging them with #drivetastefully; each week we’ll highlight our favorites. 

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