Featured: GALLERY: A Telephoto Lens, Fire-Spitting Race Cars, And Brands Hatch

GALLERY: A Telephoto Lens, Fire-Spitting Race Cars, And Brands Hatch

By Stuart Adams Fotographik
May 31, 2018

Photography by Stuart Adams

If Silverstone is the home of contemporary British motorsport, Brands Hatch epitomizes the earlier days of smaller-scale racing here. It has hosted Formula 1 Grands Prix, but it has also been used—like many sites in Britain—as a military facility, a bicycle racing course, and before all of that, simple farmland.

It was bombed in WW2 more than a few times, and after its reconstruction and reconfiguration, it hosted motorcycling races as it had before the war. Soon enough though, the now-tarmac’d track saw the arrival of automobile racing, primarily lower Formula events like F3. It expanded a bit over the years that followed—a few corners added here and there, a bit of widening, the usual—but by and large the place has retained most of its quaint charm that only a tight circuit laid over rolling green hillsides can possess.

I was recently in attendance for the Masters Historic Festival last weekend, and shot everything from Ford Mustangs to the Williams FW07 in action. You’ll also notice plenty of T70s. I’ve put together a gallery of those and some more of the cars that caught my attention over the weekend, I hope you enjoy them!

You can keep up with Stuart on Instagram to see more of his motorsport photography

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Noot Noot
Noot Noot

Great clean pics. Who needs all that post-processing when the subject is so beautiful to begin with. Lovely stuff.

Mark St Clair
Mark St Clair

Now we are talking ! Fantastic true colour and skilled image capturing. Give me this any day over static muddy HDR gimmickry.

Bryan Dickerson
Bryan Dickerson

Great pics Stuart!
I really like the shots of various cars at the same points on the track. The series showing cars from behind, exiting the same corner, is especially interesting. I would, however, have expected a few of the cars to be in oversteer mode! I guess Chris Harris wasn’t driving that day ;^)