Featured: GALLERY: Rain Didn't Dampen The Enthusiasm At The Bicester Sunday Scramble

GALLERY: Rain Didn’t Dampen The Enthusiasm At The Bicester Sunday Scramble

By Nat Twiss
October 6, 2017

Daylight recedes earlier and earlier with each passing evening, the leaves are beginning their transition from verdant greens to burning reds, and there is plenty—plenty—of rain. British autumn is here in its full dreary force, but it doesn’t keep everyone indoors. What better cure for some cold morning blues than a piping cup of tea and the welcome sights and sounds of cars? We’ve attended the Bicester Sunday Scramble a few times at this point in its short history, and it’s never failed to impress with its varied mix of machinery, representing both contemporary and classic sides of our automotive fascination. This was the last iteration of 2017 for the Cars & Coffee-style event, and the weather didn’t dissuade those from coming out one last time before winter.

I say “Cars & Coffee-style event” because while it has a similar diversity in the roster of cars, it isn’t held in a typical strip mall parking lot. The Sunday Scrambles are held within a former RAF bomber facility dating back to the first world war, and Bicester Heritage (the name of the compound) is fast becoming a hub for classic car and moto happenings. From restoration shops to simple storage space, it is a thriving and growing community centered around our favorite hobby.

Bicester Heritage is really a star in and of itself at these meetings, with the cars parked along the edges of the tree-lined avenues, framed by the red brick buildings, and living inside lovingly refurbished warehouses made into showrooms and garages. And around every corner there’s an entirely new flavor of automotive history to discover; Americana living in comfortable proximity to classic Italia for instance, but never clashing or competing. The best events are ones that you can revisit time and time again, and discover something new with each visit. With the autumn leaves falling, dappling the cars and the rest of the compound in bright red and orange, it takes on a very romantic feeling, even in the light British drizzle.

We’ve put together a gallery of the most unusual, interesting, and most beautiful cars from the event that marks the last of the year here, what’s your favorite?

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