Gear: Give Your Favorite Race Cars a Sitting Ovation

Give Your Favorite Race Cars a Sitting Ovation

By Petrolicious Productions
August 28, 2013

The company Racing + Emotion is run by two French auto designers who are all about the automotive lifestyle. Their goal is to bring all who come in contact with their furniture to see their automotive passion. When designing these art chairs, they used mid-century modern furniture as canvases to celebrate famous liveries of legendary race cars and in so doing created functional automotive art. For instance, the Art Ball Walter 83 is inspired by the Audi Quattro A2 driven by Wlater Röhrl in 1983, the Art Ball CSL E9 inspired by the successful BMW E9 during the 1970s in both touring car and sports car format, and the Art Ball Ayrton Jim 25 inspired by the LOTUS 25 driven by Jim Clark.

Click here for more information or to purchase a chair.

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