Travel: Here’s Every Photo We Took at Bicester Heritage’s Old School “Sunday Scramble”

Here’s Every Photo We Took at Bicester Heritage’s Old School “Sunday Scramble”

By Nat Twiss
May 23, 2016

Photography by Natt Twiss

If you’re a keen reader of Petrolicious, you already know how much we love what the gentlemen and women of Bicester Heritage are doing at their facility. Luckily, once a month, the general public are also allowed through the gates and back in time. It’s the Sunday Scramble—where you’re encouraged to bring your finest classic and marvel at both the facility, and the other amazing cars that show up here each month.

Think Cars & Coffee, but with a bacon sandwich and a Bentley. And don’t think that because this place is about as British as it gets that you can’t show up in a Cadillac or a Toyota, you totally can—and plenty of people did. It’s always good to see car subcultures and enthusiasts mingling with one another, and Sunday morning was no exception.

I had a brief tour and interview with Bicester Heritage a while before the scramble, but this was more of a fun day out. We grabbed a ticket and stopped by for an excellent morning, and we made sure to take a boatload of photos for you to enjoy!

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Luca Como
Luca Como
7 years ago

What is on page 95?

7 years ago

Very nice. And even a Gilbern. Very cool

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