Gear: Here’s Why Petrolicious Now Has An Online Shop

Here’s Why Petrolicious Now Has An Online Shop

By Petrolicious Productions
December 3, 2015

The brand-new Petrolicious Shop is here, and is just the start of our curated selection of products. Before you ask, yes: many more offerings will be added in the months to come. With the success of our T-Shirts, we were encouraged to create a more complete experience for those of us who appreciate some of the finer (automotive) things in life.

Working with artists, publishers—even a sculptor—we slowly picked out and made arrangements to offer a stunning selection of items, from limited-edition, wall-ready prints to high-quality T-Shirts and stickers. The shirts are new, too, by the way.

Between the incredible coffee table books by Waft and the bright orange Lamborghini Miura desk sculpture, hopefully there’s something that catches your eye. Just remember that many items offered are in a limited series: once we’re sold out, we’re sold out.

Shop tastefully.

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8 years ago

Oh also if you bring out anything with a vintage rally theme (coupe des alpes, monte-carlo, liege-rome-liege, mille miglia, targa florio, carrera panamericana era) I will be all over it.
…Or Austin-Healey related (but that’s because i’m biased)

8 years ago

I would love to see something like a “drive tastefully” key fob, preferably with a combination of leather and metal and some color options.

Oh also looking forward to getting a drive-tastefully t-shirt if more color options can become available (ink-blue with grey lettering would be nice…)

Oscar Pardo
Oscar Pardo
8 years ago

Will you be adding baseball caps?

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