Gear: HoldFast Crafts Quality Leather Photography Gear

HoldFast Crafts Quality Leather Photography Gear

By Petrolicious Productions
October 1, 2014

Simply put, HoldFast makes quality leather goods designed for a specific purpose based on its founder’s experiences and observations. Mr. Matthew Swaggart “traveled the world, capturing stories of humanity’s highs and lows. I always disliked the bulky and militaristic style of today’s photographer’s gear. And after years of creeping back pain, I became intolerant of its poor function. I determined to create a brand that blended the elegant styles of yesterday with unsurpassed modern functionality.”

Along those lines, the ‘Roamographer’ (a gear bag intended for traveling photographers) is where classic aesthetics meet functionality. According to the site: “This luxury weekender packs your essentials and then some. The removable Camera Insert cradles your camera gear, and the Carrier Straps securely holds [sic] a tripod. The Shoulder Strap, lined in sheering, secures a smaller camera on the outside of the bag ready to slide up the shoulder strap when the moment presents itself. The Roamographer is impeccably hand-crafted from legendary Great American Bison leather. Includes the matching Luggage Tag Wallet, sheerling lined shoulder strap and the Camera insert.” 

The Roamographer can be purchased in either brown or black and measures 18″L x 14″H x 10″W (approximately 45cm long x 35cm high x 25cm wide) and is made in the USA.

To check out the Roamographer, please click here

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pagal hogaye
pagal hogaye
5 years ago

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Fernando Souto
Fernando Souto
9 years ago

This is clearly more for looks than anything else. I’ve travelled across the world shooting and would never consider anything other than a backpack.

Evan Bedford
9 years ago

I’ve found that walking any distance with gear that heavy dictates a back-pack type arrangement which transmits loads effectively to my hips. However, it does look amazing.

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