Gear: New Travel Gear From The Outlierman Has Been Added To The Shop

New Travel Gear From The Outlierman Has Been Added To The Shop

By Petrolicious Productions
February 15, 2018

These and the rest of the Outlierman’s products can be found in the Petrolicious Shop

When it comes to giving our vintage cars the exercise they both require and deserve, few activities can match the pleasures of taking a road trip. Even just tacking on an extension to your typical driving route can turn routine into exploration, but to really wring the most out of this mentality you should take it even further, cross some state and country lines, pack some bags for the weekend.

To complement the journey, the Outlierman’s handmade luggage, driving gloves, ties, and other accoutrements offer a stylish way to ensure that you’re prepared for the road ahead and all the cafes, restaurants, hotels, and on-a-whim stops that you’ll cross on the way there. For 2018, the Outlierman has added some new items in the form of backpacks, duffle bags, and document cases. They’ve also added some fresh colors to some of their existing products like the fingerless driving gloves. See what’s new below:


Timeless elegance and contemporary mobility are the inspirations behind this backpack, designed to accompany a Gentleman during his daily travels in the city and on the road. Spacious and versatile, it features an external zippered pocket for easy access to everything you may need and a padded internal compartment, ideal for your laptop. Entirely handmade in Italy by master craftsmen, it combines full-grain leather with a 100% silk inner lining featuring the exclusive “The Vintage Race” pattern that celebrates motoring icons. Attention to details – such as the ID tag and safety lock – combined with the functionality of interior compartments is what really stands out for this distinctive accessory, making it an icon of casual style perfectly adaptable to more formal looks.

Duffle Bag:

Medium sized but oversized in style, this duffle bag is a compact yet spacious piece perfect for business travels as well as for weekends on the road. The precise study of shapes and design makes the bag particularly functional with the help of two large inner and outer zippered pockets, leather handles and detachable shoulder strap, as well as a customizable ID tag and safety lock. The duffle is brought to life from the handwork of the most experienced Italian craftsmen, made using only the finest full-grain leather with 100% silk linings in our exclusive “The Vintage Race” pattern.

Document Case:

Class and practicality at the service of style. This document case is designed to distinctively hold everything that can clutter the hands or pockets of a Gentleman: from keys to smartphones, from tablets to wallets, from glasses to neckties and driving gloves. Equipped with a double internal compartment, zip closure and an external handle that allows for a more comfortable grip, the document case derives from a careful design that combines refined details and finishings with the functionality of space capable of expanding without losing the elegance of its shape. A result achieved through the use of fine full-grain leather hand-stitched by master craftsmen, coupled with a 100% silk inner lining featuring our “The Vintage Race” pattern.

Fingerless Driving Gloves:

We’ve worn many gloves over the years, and were proud to announce that we had partnered with the Outlierman to offer a selection of their high-quality gloves. For 2018, they’ve added new colors for the fingerless Authentic Race driving gloves. One road, one color: a gentleman driver’s race for authenticity should grab hold of The Outlierman’s traditional-but-racy collection of driving gloves. Made of nappa lamb skin and handmade in Italy by the best Italian craftsmen, these gloves will truly shine on a Sunday drive.

Included with the gloves is a handmade leather case which allows you to protect the driving gloves when not in use—it sounds a bit silly until you see a pair and realize they’ll be with you for a long time.

The Icon Tie:

Perfect for blending in at work but will pique the interest of your fellow drivers once they notice a car theme, this tie embodies the style of the gentleman driver in 2018. The thought of taking a spirited line through a mountain pass or lining up on the grid for the first time is a captivating idea that may feel decades old. Truth is, gentlemen drivers haven’t gone anywhere—it’s just hard to find clothing and accessories stylish and elegant enough to wear outside without looking like a billboard.

The Outlierman’s beautiful collection of neckties are a tasteful way to softly signal your love for motoring. Handmade in Italy, the 100% twill silk ties are shipped in creative packaging—in other words, a gift that arrives in its own box.

The Icon Pocket Square:

The Gentleman Driver is the icon of his time and of all time and requires an equally iconic stylish pocket square to represent him, and the hand rolled edges make the finishing of this pocket square an additional high quality detail. Like all Outlierman goods, it is totally handmade in Italy by the best craftsmen. A creative packaging with a driving essence allows each product to be the most exclusive gift for every occasion.

These and the rest of the Outlierman’s products can be found in the Petrolicious Shop

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