Gear: Leather Goods And Flying Saucer Alfa Romeo Sculptures Have Landed In The Petrolicious Shop

Leather Goods And Flying Saucer Alfa Romeo Sculptures Have Landed In The Petrolicious Shop

By Petrolicious Productions
November 21, 2018

If our extraterrestrial friends are even paying attention to what we’re up to on Earth, it seems like they’ve decided to let us carry on living on our own terms for the time being, probably because they want to continue stealing our designs for their warp-capable spacecrafts. The design influences of the Italian coachbuilding scene in the 1950s still emanate prominently in today’s world of Good Design, so who’s to say the Disco Volante concept didn’t earn its name in the literal sense? It means “flying saucer” in English, and besides the question of country of origin, you can see why Touring chose not to use the translation when they named their beautifully bodied Alfa Romeo 1900 after a UFO.

The car was designed for Alfa Romeo in 1952, and for the 50th anniversary Touring’s head of design, Louis de Fabribeckers, created an homage to the original with his own vision of the futuristic disc. Through Raidillon, the Petrolicious shop now offers limited-run sculptures inspired by the 2012 Disco Volante. Produced in three materials—Bronze Black Patina, Bronze Verdigris Patina, and Val Saint Lambert Crystal—each of the three looks will be limited to 11 examples, all engraved with unique serial numbers and signed by Louis de Fabribeckers. Details and more information regarding dimensions, shipping, and logistics can be found in the Shop.

Raidillon has been a longtime partner in the Petrolicious Shop, and we’re also happy to add another product from the Belgian company’s range of handsome travel gear. Constructed from durable Italian grained calfskin leather, the roomy but never frumpy Weekend Bag is by equal measure a practical and stylish companion for road trips and weekends away in the car, a reliable piece of your travel setup that looks and feels better the more you use it. Not that it doesn’t look smart in its black widow scheme when brand new, but when you have good leather it only improves with age and a few earned wrinkles. The subtle red stitching is a nice complement to the bold “55” emblem on the side of the stylishly simple bag, and it also comes in a rich brown and cream scheme for fans of more natural tones. Find more details and other leather goods from Raidillon here in the Shop.

You can find more travel gear, accessories, and artwork from Raidillon here

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